A collection of different types of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers.

The ultimate guide to dry herb vapes

Welcome to the delightful realm of dry herb vaping! In this post we get down to the nitty-gritty business of how to choose dry herb and/or concentrate vapourisers that suits your needs, the accessories you may need, heating styles and vapour quality. So settle in as we take you through an overview of 2023's leading dry herb vaporizers in Australia (out of those we stock)!

Key takeaways

  • Pick your fighter between conduction and convection heating methods.

  • Tips on getting the best out of your dry herb vape.

  • Choosing between portable, desktop and budget-friendly dry herb vapes.

  • The importance of cleaning and maintenance to get better vapour quality.

Types of dry herb vapourisers

Desktop, portable and affordably types of dry herb vapouriser examples on a table.

Let’s start with an overview. There are three primary types to choose from; portable dry herb vaporizer, desktop vaporizer and budget-friendly options. All have their own unique advantages that we unpack below so you can find the best fit for your vaping needs!

Desktop dry herb vaporizers

Desktop dry herb vaporizers are highly coveted by those who prefer to stay at home or hang out with friends. With precise temperature control and larger chambers than portable ones, they offer a superior vaping experience. Desktop devices come in two main types:

  • whip-style (drawing the vapor from the heating chamber)

  • forced-air models (use fans to direct air through tubes).

Popular features of a larger, desktop dry herb vapouriser include adjustable airflow, precise temperature control to always get your desired effects when it comes to herb vaping, and alternative accessories to change the way you vape, like vape balloons, dosing capsules, tubes and different filling chambers for concentrates.

Storz & Bickel have some of the most popular dry herb desktop vaporizers, the Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic, which are quality and long-lasting. If concentrates or extract vaping is more your thing, the AUXO Cenote Extract Vapouriser is a perfect option that'll impress you with its cool LED light show as you vape and simple, bubbler-style extract vaping that's all controlled with a single button.

Portable dry herb vaporizers

Pocket-sized and user friendly, a portable dry herb vaporizer is a perfect companion for vaping on the go. A dry herb portable vaporizer device boasts features such as hybrid heating, pre-set or adjustable temperature, replaceable 18650 batteries or built-in battery system, or even smartphone apps!

Although there may be some drawbacks with battery life and draw resistance that come along with vapes of this size, the Storz & Bickel Crafty+ (Plus) or Mighty+ Plus, or PAX Plus or PAX Mini Vaporizers are the best choice for top-notch performance without sacrificing convenience.

Now, when we say portable vaporizers, it doesn't mean they are as easy to carry as a regular pod vape kit that fits in your pocket (non dry herb vaporizer unit). The Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus and Mighty Plus, for example, are sizeable vapourisers but more portable than a desktop dry herb vape.

If you're willing to sacrifice a little more battery life and versatility for uber portability, the XMAX Oont, XMAX V3 Pro or even the Boundless Vexil dry herb portable vaporizers are a good choice as they're practically pocket-sized.

Overall, portable herbal vaporizers offer great practicality while still providing all necessary functions needed for an enjoyable vaping experience.

Affordable dry herb vaporizers

If you don’t want to go over your budget, there are some great affordable vapourisers in store. These cost-effective units may lack some features of more expensive units but manage to offer decent vaporization in a simpler form of dry herb or concentrate vaping.

Affordable herbal vape models usually feature: a type of temperature control (adjustable or pre-set), heating oven or chamber, a mouthpiece and easy maintenance (cleaning) in a relatively portable body.

Some of the best affordable dry herb vapes in store include the XMAX Oont, XMAX V3 Pro, Airistech Herbva 5G, XMAX Starry 3.0 and Boundless Vexil.

Understanding vapour quality

Vapour quality of a Storz & Bickel Mighty Dry Herb Vapouriser.

Vapor quality is of utmost importance in vaping and can be adjusted or different depending on:

  • temperature: different temperatures will affect flavour and heat of vapour so it's integral for personalising the experience

  • heating methods: conduction or convection heating add to the vapour’s flavour profile with one delivering quicker heat while other provides an even result

  • oven/heating chamber material: stainless steel, aluminum, glass or ceramic all have their own affect on vapour quality and type.

Heating methods: conduction vs convection

Conduction vs convection heating methods of dry herb vaping with examples of XMAX Oont and V3 Pro Dry Herb Vapes.

For dry herb vaporizers, there is a competition between conduction and convection for the best form of heating. Choosing between the two usually comes down to heat speed and flavour preferences.

Conduction heating is where dry herb material makes direct contact with a heated element to heat, such as a ceramic filling chamber or oven. This provides a much faster heat-up time to reach desired temperature and production of vapour but can cause some uneven heating of herbs, potentially causing combustion. Examples of vapourisers with conduction heat in store include XMAX's Starry 4, Oont and Ace, AUXO's Calent and Cenote, and the Boundless Vexil Vaporizers.

Convection heating only uses hot air that circulates through dry herb material for more even heating which some say creates enhanced vapour flavour. Convection heating however, takes longer to heat to desired temperature and is usually more expensive. Examples of vaporizers with convection heat in store include Storz & Bickel's Mighty+ Plus and Volcano Classic, XMAX's V3 Pro and Fog Pro, and the Firefly 2 Plus vapes.

Of course, there are also hybrid dry herb vapes meaning they use a combination of both convection and conduction heating, like Storz & Bickel's Crafty+ Plus, Plenty, Mighty and Volcano Hybrid, and the Boundless CFX Vaporisers.

Battery life and charging options

Battery life and charging options of dry herb vapourisers. Example of micro USB charging for built-in battery and replaceable battery. examples of

When selecting a dry herb vaporizer, battery life and charging options are very important as they'll determine the duration of use and charging, and even the size of the device. For example, models like the Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Plus offer extended battery life which is probably why they are larger in size. To make your decision, look out for:

  • replaceable batteries on a portable vaporizer so you can swap them out and continue to vape, if you wish

  • charge time on built-in battery vapourisers

  • connection type as Type C charging devices usually charge faster than mini USB (depending on the size of the battery)

  • how many sessions you can get from one charge as that'll give you an indication of run time.

Vaping dry herbs vs. concentrates

AUXO Cenote Extract Vapouriser is an example of a concentrates-only vape.

Vaping provides many choices between dry herbs and concentrates or extracts and it all depends on what you prefer to vape. Vaporising dried herb gives off a more aromatic vapour, whereas using concentrate offers an intensified sensation that requires hotter temperatures for efficient vaping. When selecting which device to inhale with, there are three main options of dry herb vaporizers:

Popular brands and their signature products

Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus Dry Herb Vapouriser is an example of a popular dry herb vape brand's signature product.

The market for dry herb vaporizers is full of high-end brands and unique products, making it a challenge to find that single one that suits you. Each brand has an exclusive range of gadgets with features such as digital temperature control options, extended battery life plus powerful heating systems.

We stock the most renowned brands of dry herb or extract vapourisers like Storz & Bickel, PAX, Boundless, XMAX, DynaVap and AUXO, and mostly stock their signature products that you'll see links to throughout this blog post, since they're the most popular. Therefore, you'll always find something to crank your vaping cheese wheel at VapourOxide.

Essential accessories for dry herb vapes

Essential dry herb vapouriser accessories which differ for each device.

Enhance your vaping journey with the right accessories! While every dry herb vapouriser has their own specific accessories or replaceable parts, we find the necessities for dry herb vapes consist of:

  • herb mill grinders to crush herbs into a desirable size that will produce more vapor

  • filters or screens that keep your puffs free from impurities, offering an ultra smooth feeling (specific to each device)

  • cleaning materials which are critical to maintaining optimal performance over time during use of these type of devices.

At the bottom/end of most our dry herb kits' descriptions, you'll find a list of replacement parts and accessories so you know what your device needs for maintenance.

Tips for getting the best vaping experience

Tips for getting the best vaping experience with dry herb or concentrate vaping devices.

Optimise your vape sessions by:

  • delicately packing your oven or chamber with dry herb and avoid over-stuffing to ensure optimal airflow

  • keeping the temperature between 375-425°F (190-218°C) for best flavour and vapour production

  • regularly cleaning your device using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol for ideal performance levels

  • cleaning and/or replacing filters/screens or cartridges to maintain clean vapour flavour.

Discreet and odour-free Vaping

Portable dry herb vaporizers are better for more discreet, odourless vaping.

For those who want to keep their vaping habits on the down-low, portable vaporizers, like those mentioned above, provide a discreet option with much less smell. By using lower temperature settings, coupled with higher quality devices that are more compact in size, you can minimise both visibility of the produced vapour as well as its odour.


The dry herb vaping world is a diverse one, offering you an array of vaporizers that range from basic models to more advanced and customisable devices. With the proper device selection according to your individual preferences and budget, as well as using essential accessories for maintenance purposes, anyone can access this kind of experience with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

How unhealthy is dry herb vaping?

Herb vaping is considered to be less harmful than traditional smoking due to the way they heat dry herbs and without the need of mixing with tobacco however, it can still pose health risks. Be extremely careful of where you source your dry herb or concentrate material and ensure you know the exact ingredients. Keep in mind all the health issues (EVALI) caused by vaping THC concentrate that had vitamin E acetate!

Are dry herb vapes worth it?

For an economical and tidy way to savour herbal or extract material, dry herb vapes are well worth considering. Their durability, heating technology, medical-grade components (in many, not all) and versatility (your ability to vape at your desired temp etc) makes them a great option if you want the highest quality dry herb or concentrate vaping experience. Plus, you can ditch that lighter which combusts the life out of your herbs.

Are dry herb vapes legal in Australia?

As at October 2023, the dry herb vaping device itself can be purchased but please research the herbs or concentrate material prescription status in your state.

Which dry herb vapouriser is best?

Determining the best dry herb vaporizer is difficult as it really depends on how you like to vape and what you like to vape. Looking at reviews via a Google or YouTube, or even on our website (at the bottom of most product descriptions) is a great way of making a decision based on other vapers' experiences.

Results from these searches may also help you find out what type of maintenance a vapouriser needs and how to use it (like if it includes a smartphone app) since this usually determines how simple a device is. You may value simplicity over a more customisable vaping experience.

What's the ideal temperature for vaping dry herbs?

Set your vapouriser to the ideal temperature, between 375-425°F (190-218°C), for vaping dry herbs. This range is best suited for the best vapour flavour.

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