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MIGHTY Dry Herb Vapouriser by Storz & Bickel is designed for optimal performance and convenience, this pocket-sized vaporizer is a game-changer for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Unparalleled Vapor Production

The Mighty utilizes a unique combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction technology, resulting in an unparalleled vapor production right from the very first draw. This patented heating system ensures that your dry herbs are evenly heated, extracting the full spectrum of flavors and active compounds for a satisfying vapor experience.

With its powerful battery, the Mighty provides long-lasting sessions, allowing you to enjoy your favorite herbs throughout the day without worrying about recharging. The 12V power adapter included in the package ensures quick and convenient charging whenever needed.

The package includes a comprehensive set of accessories to enhance your vaping experience. The three small normal screens and three small coarse screens help filter and distribute the vapor evenly, providing smooth and flavorful hits. The three base seal rings ensure a secure and airtight fit for optimal performance.

Enhance Your Vaping Experience with Essential Tools and Components

For seamless filling and packing of your herbs, the filling aid is a handy tool included in the package. The herb mill, approximately 59 mm in diameter, allows you to grind your herbs to the perfect consistency, enhancing vapor production. The dosing capsule provides a convenient way to pre-load your herbs for on-the-go use.

Cleaning and maintenance are made effortless with the included cleaning brush. Keep your Mighty in pristine condition for long-lasting performance and enjoyment.

To ensure you get the most out of your Mighty, the package includes concise instructions for use. Explore the various features and functions of the device, providing you with a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Experience the Storz and Bickel Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer and elevate your vaping experience to new heights. Discover the perfect balance of performance, portability, and convenience in one exceptional device.

Please note:

  • Do not leave vaping product in the chamber after you’ve finished vaping. Empty and clean oven as soon as possible so you don’t have to deep clean your oven too often (careful, as oven or dosing capsule gets hot while vaping) .
  • See below for links to all Storz & Bickel Mighty accessories and replacement parts.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with built-in battery devices like the Storz & Bickel Mighty Dry Herb Vapouriser. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.
  • This device is not recommended for beginner vapers or those looking for traditional vaping with e-liquid.
  • This kit does not come with dry herb product.
  • See Storz & Bickel warranty and returns page to find out how to get a two-year warranty on your Mighty Dry Herb Vapouriser. Keep your receipt as you'll need it to prove the purchase date!

MIGHTY Dry Herb Vape features & specs

  • Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel (Germany)
  • Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 3cm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Temperature range: 104°F to 410°F (40°C to 210°C)
  • Precise temperature control by one-degree increments
  • Wall charger
  • Large, built-in batteries lasting up to 16 sessions
  • Heats up in approx. 90 seconds
  • Superbooster option
  • High-quality plastic housing

Package content

  • Power Adapter 12 V
  • 3 pcs. Normal Screen, small
  • 3 pcs. Coarse Screen, small
  • 3 pcs. Base Seal Ring, small
  • Filling Aid
  • Herb Mill (approx. Ø 59 mm)
  • Dosing Capsule
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instructions for Use (concise)

Mighty Vape accessories

We stock all your Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer accessories and parts for replacing when worn or fine tuning your dry herb vaping (sold separately). Keep an eye on these parts as due to the heat of vaping, they may need replacing periodically.





    This product does NOT contain nicotine

    Customer Reviews

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    Trevor Munro
    The Magnificent Mighty.

    G'day Peter,

    I have just purchased my 3rd Mighty Mo from you blokes. Wore out the 1st, the 2nd is nearly rooted, so I thought I'd grab another before it fails. So what better time than the black friday sales. I reckon the mighty is an amazing device. The lower inhale temperature as opposed to a doobie has really saved my lungs. And the vapour doesn't stink out the house or the car.

    Regards Trev

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