VapourOxide Australia

Hi there, friends,

You probably noticed the bare bones left of our dear VapourOxide vape store. It's like this because our vape store closed on Monday 1 July as a result of the Vaping Reforms Act 2024 enforcing a retail ban on the sale of vapes outside a pharmacy setting. Our FAQ on the vape regulations is still available with information on how to access vapes from 1 July.

After over ten years, we had to switch off our website and say goodbye to all our valued customers which hasn't been easy. But we've had the support of our customers through kindhearted emails which has helped tremendously. Thank you!

The most important message to take away from this is our gratitude. We sincerely thank all our wonderful customers, from the bottom of our collective hearts, for supporting our humble vape store over the years. You're the reason any of our team even had jobs so we are extremely grateful!

We know we're not alone in this. Every Aussie vape store has been dealt the same set of cards, and we deeply empathise with each and every one of you. Vapers are probably going through the same feelings and we just want you to know, we totally get it and are thinking of you.

This may not be goodbye forever, though... Who knows? Maybe one day this will all be overturned.

Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your lives, choosing our vape store and being part of our family too. We miss you already.

Take care, friends,

Your mates at VapourOxide.

P.S. If you ordered between 24 and 30 June, please note there are shipping delays since we had a huge surge in daily orders.

See vape regulation info