Storz & Bickel offer a two or three year warranty, depending on which dry herb vapouriser you have (not including any accessories such as cooling units, fillings chambers etc).

  • Two-year warranty: Mighty and Crafty.
  • Three-year warranty: Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid, Mighty+, Crafty+ and Plenty.
  • Please check the Storz & Bickel site if you have a newer device that's not on the list.

As Storz & Bickel prefer to handle product returns directly with device owners, you don't go through our own returns process for your dry herb vape kit.

How to get Storz & Bickel warranty

Register your vapouriser with Storz & Bickel upon receiving it and you'll receive the appropriate warranty time for your device. If your vapouriser defects within the warranty period, it can be repaired by Storz & Bickel as long as the damage is not caused by normal wear and tear or improper use.

How to register your device

  1. Create a customer account:

  2. Register your device:

IMPORTANT: Keep your receipt as proof of purchase date. Otherwise, Storz & Bickel calculate your warranty duration from the time the device was sold by them (to us) using your vapouriser's serial number. This may decrease your warranty time depending on how long we had the product before you purchased it.


You will need to send your Storz & Bickel Dry Herb Vape to Storz & Bickel in Germany once your repair request has been approved. Storz & Bickel will send you a label for free shipping to post your device.

If your vapouriser is outside the warranty period (determined by your receipt date or serial number) or the warranty has been breached, you can pay to send your device to Storz & Bickel and pay for the repair.

Follow the steps on the Storz & Bickel Repair page then click initiate an RMA (return merchandise authorisation) to make a warranty claim. You will be asked to upload your receipt or a picture of the device's serial number so have these handy.