XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vapouriser

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Dry Herb

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Ace Dry Herb Vapouriser by XMAX is made from high-quality components for longevity and features a unique, spring-loaded oven that’s easily cleaned after dry herb vaping with the slide of a button. The XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vape Kit comes with a swivel, zirconia, ceramic mouthpiece that’s magnetic for easy removal and has an isolated air path for cleaner vapour, black ceramic oven with conduction heating, precise temp control up to 240°C and a Boost Mode up to 255°C.

Simple to use XMAX Ace

All you need to do to vape using the XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vapourizer is:

  1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece.
  2. Load your dry herb material or concentrate (using wax cup) in the oven.
  3. Replace the mouthpiece.
  4. Turn XMAX Ace Vape one with three rapid clicks of the power button (above the screen).
  5. Set your desired temperature using the up/down buttons beneath the display screen.
  6. Wait for a vibration to confirm it’s heated and then VAPE.

More features you need to know about when dry herb vaping with an XMAX Dry Herb Vaporizer include its:

  • swivel zirconian (ceramic) mouthpiece that’s easy to access and comfy to use
  • magnetic mouthpiece that’s held in place securely but easily removed to load/clean dry herb material
  • isolated air path for contaminant-free, cleaner vapour and flavour (air path isolated from electronic parts) that’s also cooled as hot dry herb vapour travels through
  • easy-to-load, black ceramic oven/filling chamber, shaped like a funnel leading dry herb material to the oven
  • even, conduction heating with good vapour production
  • ejectable filling chamber for easy cleaning with sliding button on the front of the XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vape that literally ejects/pushes oven contents out when you slide the button up
  • included 18650 replaceable battery that you can charge with an external battery charger or through the XMAX Ace Vaporizer
  • approximately 75 minute run-time on one charge
  • heating begins immediately, as soon as you turn on the XMAX Ace Vape Kit
  • fast heat-up time
  • precise temperature control between 100 and 240°C
  • Boost Mode (for concentrates) that heats up to 255°C with a double-click of the power button
  • easy toggle between °C and °F – press down and power button together
  • five and 10-minute sessions options that you toggle between by pressing the down and power button together
  • auto shut-off after session is over for safety
  • quality, weighty feel in your hand
  • included rubber case for good grip and some shock protection.

Please note:

  • Remove plastic tab from battery and fully charge before first use.
  • Always turn off your XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vape Kit with three rapid clicks of the power button when carrying in your bag to avoid accidental button presses or firing.
  • Always fill the oven/chamber when the device is off and cool.
  • Do not over-pack the filling chamber so there's room for air to get through.
  • Battery safety is very important when dry herb vaping, especially with replaceable battery devices like the XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vaping Kit. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.
  • This device cannot be used with e-liquid.
  • This kit does not come with dry herb material.

XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vape features & specs

  • Dimensions: approx. 99 x 43 x 24mm
  • Temperature range: 100°C - 240°C (212°F - 464°F)
  • Battery: replaceable 18650 lithium-ion - 2600mAh included
  • Charger: Micro USB charge
  • Run time: 75 minutes on one charge
  • Sessions mode: 5-10 minute sessions
  • Boost mode: 255°C (491°F) for concentrates
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Vibration (haptic feedback) notifications
  • Ceramic air path (100% isolated airflow)
  • Full black, ceramic, conduction oven chamber
  • OLED screen display
  • Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece with industrial strength NIB magnets
  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Spring-loaded chamber for easy cleaning

Package content

  • XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vapouriser
  • 18650 battery
  • 2 x Silicone MP cap
  • Filter silicon holder
  • 2 x Chamber screens
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Wax cup/chamber
  • 2 x O-rings
  • 3 x Cotton swabs
  • 4 x Alcohol wipes
  • Silicon glove
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

XMAX Ace Vape accessories

We stock all your XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vaporizer accessories, and parts for replacing when worn or fine tuning your dry herb vaping (sold separately). Keep an eye on these parts as due to the heat during vaping, they may need replacing periodically.




This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Darren Robertson
Xmax Ace

Works well have been using universal micro dosing capsules and they work well boost mode is awesome from 240° to 255°c changeable battery is not to bad it could have been a little more powerful Unit has a good solid feel in the hand worth the money spent✌️

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