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Sonder U Pod Kit by GeekVape is as simple as vape kits come, making them a perfect starter kit for beginner vapers. A disposable GeekVape U Pod gives you 2mL of vape juice capacity, a comfy duck-billed mouthpiece and semi-transparent body so you can easily see your e-liquid level. The 1000mAh Sonder U Battery will keep you mouth-to-lung vaping (MTL, a cigarette-style draw) for up to two days and features a light-weight, plastic, textured body, draw-activated vaping and ZERO buttons so you can chuck it in your pocket or bag for an easy carry.

Don’t take our word for it though! Check out the Geek Vape Sonder U Pod Vape Kit video review by Mike Vapes, one of our fave YouTube vape reviewers, to see the Sonder U in action.

U Pod: fill, vape and dispose

While the GeekVape U Pod Cartridge is disposable, it definitely isn’t for single-use. You can refill it with vape juice up until its built-in coil no longer vapes well (e.g. leaking, bad vapour flavour, little to no vape clouds). Being disposable just makes it easier to use because you don’t have to muck around with changing coils or cleaning it! More really easy features of the U Replacement Pod include its:

  • 2mL e-juice capacity which is perfect and long-lasting for low-wattage vaping
  • side fill, requiring you to remove it from the Sonder Battery, lift the black, rubber tab/plug and fill with a thin-nosed e-liquid bottle
  • nice throat hit, mellow vapour flavour and low vape clouds from built-in 0.7 ohm coil of the U Pod
  • magnetic connection to keep your Geek Vape U Pod in place while carrying
  • duck-billed mouthpiece that tapers in for lip comfort while vaping
  • semi-transparent, clear-view body so you can keep an eye on your e-juice level and avoid burning your coil by accidentally vaping on an empty U Pod.

MTL vaping and more

Most pod vape kits, including the GeekVape Sonder U Pod Kit, are made for MTL vaping but with the Sonder U Vape Kit you can also get a really restricted direct-lung (DL) draw too!

  • MTL vaping is a cigarette-style draw where you draw and hold vapour in your mouth before inhaling to your lungs. The small air inlet holes of the Sonder U Battery, and the low-wattage, higher-resistance built-in coils of the Geek Vape U Pods give you loose MTL draws which you can restrict (tighten) by placing your finger over one of the air inlet holes as you draw.
  • DL vaping is a looser draw where you inhale vapour straight to your lungs by breathing in from the mouthpiece. As the built-in U Pod Coils are still sub-ohm (under 1 ohm), it may allow you to also experience a very restricted direct-lung (DL) vape.

Easy vaping with Sonder U

Vape with incredible ease when you use the Geek Vape Sonder U Pod Kit since its battery (the part without the pod) has no buttons or settings to complicate things. The only maintenance the Sonder U Battery requires is filling and or replacing its U Pod Cartridge and charging! The simplicity continues with the rest of the GeekVape Sonder U Battery’s features, like its:

  • 1000mAh battery which will last you up to two days of vaping on one charge!
  • affordable price but does not come with an extra pod or charging cable
  • easy carry with its light weight of 40g, compact body and no buttons so you can throw it in your bag or pocket without worrying about accidental button presses
  • plastic body with texture for extra grip
  • auto-draw (aka draw-activated vaping) that simply requires you to draw on the mouthpiece to vape; no buttons or complicated settings
  • beginner-friendly.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the simple GeekVape Sonder U Pod Kit. It vapes well, giving you a nice throat hit and most importantly, it gives you worry-free vaping with its lack of buttons and disposable U Pod Cartridges. Perfect for beginner vapers or any vaper to use while on the go with its large battery.

Please note:

  • The Sonder U Pod Kit does not come with a charging cable but we’ve got plenty of Type C cables in stock for you!
  • You only get one pod in the kit so we highly recommend purchasing a pack of GeekVape U Pod Cartridge Replacements with your order so you have back up pods when it needs to be changed.
  • Prime new pods before use to avoid burning or dry hits. To do so, fill the pod with e-liquid and let it sit for five minutes before using to saturate the coil’s cotton inside. See our 'How to prime new coils' frequently asked question for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with simple, built-in battery devices like the Sonder U Pod Vape Kit. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.

Sonder U Pod Kit features & specs

  • Dimensions: 95.8 x 26.6mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • 2mL vapour e-liquid capacity
  • Power output: max 20W
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh, built-in
  • Built-in coil resistance: 0.7 ohm
  • Charging port: Type-C USB
  • Clear-view pod – see e-liquid level easily
  • Draw-activated vaping (auto-draw)
  • Side-filling pod
  • Tight/restricted airflow for loose MTL or RDL vaping

Package content

  • GeekVape Sonder U Battery/Device
  • GeekVape Sonder U Pod Cartridge (0.7 ohm)

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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