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U Pod Cartridge Replacements by GeekVape are disposable pods that are designed for vaping with the GeekVape Sonder U Pod Starter Kit and Aegis U (AU) Pod Starter Kit but could be compatible with other pod vape kits in the future. The Geek Vape U Replacement Pod Cartridge's 2mL vape juice capacity may seem small but it will last you with the low-wattage, mouth-to-lung (MTL) or restricted direct-lung (DL) vaping they provide via their 0.7 ohm built-in coil.

Easy vaping with U Pod

Although the GeekVape U Pod Cartridge is disposable, it most definitely isn’t single-use. Keep refilliing with vape juice until the built-in coil no longer vapes well (e.g. leaking, bad vapour flavour, little to no vape clouds). More easy features of the U Replacement Pod include its:

  • 2mL e-juice capacity which is long-lasting when low-wattage vaping
  • side fill via lifting the black, rubber tab/plug on the U Pod's side and filling with a thin-nosed e-liquid bottle
  • nice throat hit, mellow vapour flavour and low vape clouds from built-in 0.7 ohm coil of the U Pod
  • magnetic connection to keep your Geek Vape U Pod firmly in place
  • duck-billed mouthpiece that tapers in for lip comfort while vaping
  • semi-transparent, clear-view body so you can keep an eye on your e-juice level and avoid burning your coil by accidentally vaping on an empty U Pod.

MTL and RDL vaping

While most vape pods are more suitable for MTL vaping, the GeekVape U Pod Cartridge also allows for a really restricted direct-lung (RDL or DL) draw too!

  • MTL vaping is a cigarette-style draw where you draw and hold vapour in your mouth before inhaling to your lungs. The medium-sized mouthpiece bore hole and the low-wattage, higher-resistance built-in coils give you loose MTL draws.
  • DL vaping is a looser draw where you inhale vapour straight to your lungs by breathing in from the mouthpiece. As the built-in U Pod Coils are still sub-ohm (under 1 ohm), it may allow you to also experience a very restricted direct-lung (DL) vape.

Please note:

  • Prime new pods before use to avoid burning or dry hits. To do so, fill the pod with e-liquid and let it sit for five minutes before using to saturate the coil’s cotton inside. See our 'How to prime new coils' frequently asked question for more information.

U Pod Cartridge Replacement features and specs

Package content

  • 3 x GeekVape U Pod Cartridge Replacements

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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Debra Caudle
Replacement pods

Great business, always have what I need.
Very fast at putting my order through and making sure that I get a secure delivery

Shaun Williams
U cartridge

Best thing since sliced bread

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