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Nord 4 Replacement Pods by SMOK are a three-pack of pods, without coils, to suit the SMOK Nord 4 Pod Mod Vape Kit. With the SMOK Nord 3 Pods' 4.5mL vape juice capacity, you'll be direct-lung (DL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping for longer between re-fills and will enjoy the duck-billed mouthpiece that fits comfortably on your lips.

SMOK Nord 4 Pods are pretty easy to use, only requiring you to replace coils and fill with e-liquid. When it looks like your pod is not vaping well or has broken in any way, you simply replace them with brand new Nord 4 Pods! More interesting features about Nord 4 Replacement Pods include their:

  • 4.5mL e-liquid capacity that’s more than double of the average pod
  • simple side-fill via opening the easily-located, red, rubber plug and filling with a slim-nosed e-liquid bottle
  • duck-billed, built-in mouthpiece that’s comfortable on your lips and suited to both MTL and DL vaping
  • easy coil change from the bottom of Nord 4 Pods – pull out the old coil and plug in the new, matching the straight edges of the coil with those in the coil slot
  • flavoursome vaping with surprisingly large clouds especially from lower resistance coils
  • replaceable coils so you can keep SMOK Nord 4 Pods for longer
  • two Nord 4 Pod options:
    • RPM Pods are compatible with SMOK RPM Coils only which are also used in SMOK Nord 2 Pod Kit. RPM Coils have a bigger range of resistances to choose from, with plenty of MTL & DL options, including a rebuildable atomiser (RBA).
    • RPM 2 Pods are compatible with SMOK RPM 2 Coils only which are also used in SMOK RPM 2 Pod Kit.
    • SMOK used pre-existing vape coils that are cross-compatible with other SMOK Pod Kits, meaning you can vape a number of kits with two sets of coils.

Both DL and MTL vaping

With the two Nord 4 Pod options, you have a great deal of versatility to both DL or MTL vape!

  • DL vaping is where you draw vapour directly to your lungs, like taking a deep breath through your mouth piece for denser flavour and vape clouds.
    • Best achieved with low-resistance, higher-wattage RPM or RPM 2 Coils.
  • MTL vaping is where you inhale vapour, hold it in your mouth briefly, then inhale to your lungs (cigarette-style draw) for more delicate vapour flavour and clouds:
    • Best achieved with higher-resistance, lower-wattage RPB or RPM 2 Coils.

Please note:

  • Each pod is compatible with its own coil range so RPM Coils and RPM 2 Coils are not cross-compatible.
  • SMOK Nord 4 Pods are not compatible with any other Nord or RPM Pod Kits apart from the SMOK Nord 4 Pod Mod Vape Kit
  • When you purchase coils, make sure you prime them before vaping by placing a few drops of e-liquid in the coil's centre, installing coil and filling the pod, then letting it sit for about five minutes to saturate the cotton and avoid dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.

Nord 4 Pods features & specs

Package content

  • 3 x SMOK Nord 4 RPM Pods (without coils)
  • 3 x SMOK Nord 4 RPM 2 Pods (without coils)

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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