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MOTI X Mini Replacement Pods by Vaporesso hold 4mL of vape juice so you can vape longer between refills with your Vaporesso MOTI X Mini Pod Kit. Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pods are compatible with X Coils (not included) that provide excellent vapour flavour and sub-ohm resistance for awesome direct-lung (DL) vaping.

Those clouds and flavour of Moti X Mini Pod!

The most impressive features of a Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod is its ability to produce surprisingly big vape clouds and impressive vapour flavour! Since most small, low-wattage pods provide good but not excellent vapour flavour which is honestly expected, Moti X Mini Pods have broken that mould. Plus, the Moti X Mini Pod is quite easy to use with its:

  • 4mL e-liquid capacity which is the size of many vape tanks and prevents frequent re-fills (depending on how much you vape)
  • bottom fill with vape juice via a rubber-covered fill slot on the bottom
  • built-in drip tip that's not too slim for DL vaping and is see-through so you know it needs cleaning
  • transparent body to easily keep an eye on your juice level (keep e-liquid above minimum fill line to prolong coil life)
  • replaceable coils (sold separately) meaning you keep your Moti X Mini Pod for longer before disposal
  • medium to surprisingly-big vape cloud production from the compatible mesh Vaporesso X Coils that also deliver mouth-watering vapour flavour
  • easy coil change from the bottom of the pod (pull out old/plug in new)
  • strong magnetic connection to keep your pod in place securely.

YES, DL vaping!

While the majority of pods focus on mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping (a restricted, cigarette-style draw), Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pods, resulting from a collaboration of the Moti and Vaporesso vape brands, is all about DL and restricted DL (RDL) vaping, where you draw vapour straight to your lungs.

The medium-sized built-in drip tip channel (bore), large vape juice capacity and sub-ohm Vaporesso X Coils of the Moti X Mini Pods are components that make for beautiful DL or RDL vaping.

Please note:

  • When you purchase coils, prime them before vaping by placing a few drops of e-liquid in the centre of the coil, installing it in the pod, filling the pod and letting it sit for five minutes. Doing this avoids dry hits or coil burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.
  • Not recommended for beginner vapers who prefer MTL vaping.

MOTI X Mini Pods features & specs

  • 4mL vapour e-liquid capacity
  • Bottom fill
  • Compatible with Vaporesso X Coils (not included)
  • Replaceable coils with easy coil change
  • Built-in drip tip (mouthpiece)
  • Come in a two-pack
  • DL and RDL vaping

Package content

  • 2 x Vaporesso MOTI X Mini Pods (4mL) (without coils)

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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