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Aegis Max Zeus Sub Ohm Kit by Geek Vape won't be collecting dust on our shelves in Australia! This vape kit has all the right stuff in all the right vaping places - a must-have for electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) users who are Aegis lovers. Especially vapers who like a leak-proof tank that can maximise your e-liquid flavour and cloud production, and a water, dust and shock proof mod.

You're more than welcome to read through the description and specs below but since some vapers only care about a handful of things, we will make it easy for you:

  • IP-67 graded (water, dust and shock proof)
  • battery versatility - switch between 18560, 20700 and 21700
  • up to 100W power output
  • AS-100 chipset that fires quickly
  • Zeus Sub Ohm Tank with 5mL e-liquid capacity.

The making of the Aegis Max

This kit pairs a single-battery 100W Aegis Max Mod, featuring the AS-100 super-fast-firing chip, with the cloud-blazing 'god of thunder and lightning’ himself - the Zeus Sub ohm Tank. Step aside Thor, Zeus has got this.

So how does a single-battery device keep up with the high demands of the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank? Never fear, the Aegis Max is here, with its long-awaited return of 21700 battery compatibility. That's right, the Aegis Max can operate with either 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries.

Play to the Max

For a 21700-compatible device, the Aegis Max is smaller, lighter and more durable than other similar devices. Compared to the Aegis Solo, it is only 3mm wider in diameter and 6mm taller in height. Like the Solo, the Max mod is IP-67 graded too, meaning it's water, dust and water proof.

It's also fitted with the AS-100 chipset (the same trusted and reliable chip used in the largely-popular Geek Vape Aegis Solo) that has incredible accuracy and stability of output, allowing the Aegis Max to produce up to 100W of power with either a single 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery!

Conjure the lighting

Coupling the Max with the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank was a no-brainer for Geek Vape. Pretty much because this tank is boss. It has:

  • top airflow, making it less likely to leak
  • top fill
  • advanced mesh coils, Geek Vape Z coils
  • awesome colour choices
  • a reputation for being a long-lasting tank.

The Z Coils
These babies are not for the faint-hearted and better suited to direct-lung (DL) vaping, where you inhale vapour directly to the lungs. They have a have a longer life and exceptional flavour by having a mesh core.

We do not recommend this tank or coils for beginner vapers or mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping which is a more restricted, tighter-airflow, cigarette-style vape that does not suit these coils. MTL vaping may cause the coils to burn faster.

Whats is a 21700 battery?

You might be familiar with 18650 batteries, but maybe not 21700. Basically, the numbers on batteries are the reference to the sizing structure: 21mm diameter by 70mm in length (2170). The extra 0 on the end? Well, we think that’s reference to the shape but who knows?

Why would I run a 21700 over 18650 battery?
Simply put, the advantage is all the chemistry of the battery. Not only are 21700 batteries structurally larger allowing them to hold more capacity, they are able to hold their output discharge longer as well.

This means that with a 21700 like the Samsung 40T 4000mAh 30A battery, vape time is almost double to that of its closest competitor, the 18650 Samsung 30Q 3000mah 15A.

Speaking, well, writing of batteries, please check out our Battery Safety blog post for some tips on battery safety, which is very important when vaping.

What is IP-67?

It is basically a protection rating:

  • IP (Ingress Protection) is the rate at which the product will remain protected and fully operational in most applications, including those where the device is exposed to water spray, rain, debris etc.
  • The '6' indicates the device is completely protected against objects from entering, including dust.
  • The '7' indicates that the Aegis Max can be completely submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes before moisture penetrates the housing.

All Geek Vape Aegis devices are water resistant, and dust and shock proof but this only refers to the mod. Tanks and pods don’t have the same rating.

Features and Specs

  • Size: 46.3 x 135.5 x 34mm
  • Up to 100W
  • Battery compatibility: 1 x 21700, 20700 or 18650 (not included)
  • 18650 battery adapter included
  • Recommended battery: Samsung 40T
  • Light & durable
  • Power/TC/TCR/VPC/BYPASS supported modes
  • Top filling with top airflow control
  • 5mL capacity
  • Zeus Sub Ohm Tank
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Z Coils compatible
  • Z1 0.4 ohm Mesh 60-70w
  • Z2 0.2 ohm Mesh 70-80w

Package content

  • GeekVape Aegis Max Mod
  • Zeus Sub Ohm Tank with Z2 0.2 ohm Mesh Coil
  • Z1 0.4ohm Mesh Coil
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • Spare glass
  • Battery door tool
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Spare parts pack

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
tom arianna
Sub ohm Power Plus

Geek innovation with the power of Greek god Zeus... Once again the Geek crew have combined there ingenuity with the need's of their customers... Compact yet ergonomically flawless they've combined it with the power of a 21700 battery gives even a seasoned Vaper the piece of mind that even after a long work day the need for carrying spare batteries is history.

If you want a sturdy sub ohm device

This is a great kit. Shock proof and water resistant. The zues coils bring great flavour and decent clouds. Very compact!

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