Let's get weird - Vapers vocab

When you get into vaping, you eventually get a gist of the lingo that we use. However, you might sound like you’re speaking Swahili to someone who isn’t familiar with the ‘vape language’. So we wrote down some of the things we say that if heard by someone who isn’t ‘in the know’ yet, would sound a little funny… So read it from that perspective.

Remember our disclaimer – this blog post is just a little light-hearted vape humour, not to be taken as a real depiction of opinions; similar to how some politicians make promises before they’re elected… Just kidding! Anyway, hopefully we put a smile on your face.

So here’s a list of some weird things vapers say:

‘I broke my atty!’

You broke your addy? Ooooh, you broke your adding? Hahaha! Atty = atomiser, sometimes also referred to as ‘tank’. Now we know.

‘Oh no, I burned my coil.’

What would this have meant before vaping? When some people think of coil, they think of a spring, like what’s in your mattress and if you’re setting mattresses on fire on purpose, you could be a pyromaniac. Look in to it.

When you burn your coil, you’ll know, as your tank could be leaking or the cotton inside your coil is pitch black. If it looks like tar, for the love of all-things-vape, change it NOW!

‘Can I have some of your juice?’ Or ‘Can I bum some e-liq?’

It’s just not the same as asking someone if you can have a cigarette. Lol! Especially if you have some of our luck and your friend’s dark-coloured e-liquid burns your brand new coil. #leakingtank #whydidiforgetmyeliquid

‘I got a dry hit.’

Some could ask, ‘As opposed to… a wet hit?’ This is a weird sentence if you’re not a vaper and a bad, disgusting taste if you are a vaper and this happens to you, which may also make you say ‘Oh no, I burned my coil.’

If you don’t know or haven’t experienced this (lucky you), a dry hit is when either your coil doesn't get enough e-liquid to the cotton quick enough or you vape on an empty tank and the cotton in your coil has no e-liquid. The taste will definitely wake you up in the morning!

‘My tank keeps leaking.’

Not sure about you but for us, a ‘tank’ used to only refer to a petrol tank or a weapon of war… Or to describe a person who is strong – ‘built like a tank’. And any of them ‘leaking’ would be considered a problem. Think about it…

Nowadays, a tank is a small, usually cylindrical, glass and alloy chamber that makes delicious flavour and vapour, and when it leaks it’s just annoying. Who would have thought?

‘Who is your daddy and what does he do?’

This is a… Wait. Nope, not from vapers… Hahaha! If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Kindergarten Cop’, you’re too young. OR you’re not a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

‘I forgot my vape, can I vape some of yours?’

Umm, no. Carry excuses with you when you’re vaping in public – see our blog post 10 things to carry when you vape. As always, we’re kidding. Do what you like. If you don’t mind someone else’s saliva (vom) it’s no skin off our nose… Nor someone else’s saliva in our mouth either.

‘Do you have a lighter?’

We don’t say this because we don’t need one anymore. Maybe carry one if you’re single, just in case a cute guy or girl smoker asks you for a lighter while you’re out. You may also need to light a fire in sub-zero temperature emergencies. What. It happens! Have you not seen ‘The Day After Tomorrow’? BAM. Ice age.

‘My drip tip is filthy!’

If you’re not acquainted with vape lingo, this line can take your mind to unpleasant places. Are you there yet?

If you’re still learning, a drip tip is the mouth piece on top of a tank that you vape from… And they do get filthy so don’t be a grub and make sure you clean it!

‘Is your tank top-fill or bottom-fill?’

*blank stare* From a non-vaper’s perspective: so much to say, so little space.

‘My battery is 2000 maaa.’

Yeah, it’s mAh (as in milliamps per hour), but to a person who doesn’t have to know about battery capacity in their daily lives, it sounds like you’re calling your mum before finishing the sentence. Well, at least in Australia we might call mum (mom) ‘maaaa’. Like, ‘Hey MAAAA, wanna cuppa?’ An abbreviation for ‘Dearest mother, I’m making a cup of coffee, would you like one?’

Speaking of batteries, knowing about battery safety is very important! Check out our battery safety blog post for some tips… And a laugh.

So that’s our list, although we know there’s way more! Just for fun, here’s a story we made up, putting our list of weird things vapers say together.

I was cooking dinner one night when I knocked over my vape and the atty broke. Glass. Everywhere. Not to mention I had a fresh batch of juice in there. To add insult to injury, my drip tip got dented and as I walked over to pick it up, I slipped on the e-liq and fell on my brand-new, 2000mAh mod. In the commotion, my dog came over and started licking the juice off the floor. ‘No Solomon!’ I yelled. Luckily, he quickly backed off.

‘Good riddance,’ I said, ‘that tank was leaking anyway.’ Unfortunately, I was going to meet up with my mates without my trusted kit. So I took my back-up pod kit and headed over, forgetting my juice at home. I got there, looked at my pod and said, ‘Bro, I forgot my e-liquid, can I have some of yours?’ I filled my pod and started vaping.

At that moment our other mate, who still smokes, walked in, felt around in his pockets like he lost something and asked, ‘Do you have a lighter?’

I replied, ‘Yes, but I only lend it to cute girls.’

A few drags in to my newly-filled pod, I got a dry hit… ‘Oh no, I burned by coil,’ I said.

My friend asked, ‘Is that a top-fill or bottom-fill?’

To which I replied, ‘Why would that make any difference when your crappy liquid burned it!’ He ignored me and continued playing the ‘Kindergarten Cop’ movie that was playing in the background while I was going through my dilemma, and I tuned in just in time to catch my favourite line - ‘Who is your daddy and what does he do?’

After a brief chuckle, the realisation that I had no vape overwhelmed me a little. With my head hanging down in embarrassment and in a small voice through hardly-moving lips like a ventriloquist, I said, ‘Bro, can I vape some of yours?’

The end.

We hope you liked our story that was written for no good reason other than entertainment. Hopefully, we entertained more people than just ourselves.

We also hope you’ve had a laugh at our list of weird things us vapers say and please add to our list by leaving a comment. We can’t wait to see what you write!

Happy vaping!


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