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This post is dedicated to all vapers – especially those who dare to vape in public. After reading this post, you'll be ready to hit the town with your trusted vape and have all you need to tackle what you may encounter.

Now remember, these blog posts are our opinion so here comes the disclaimer: this is a blog with our personal opinions and a little humour; not to be taken as fact or a real depiction of our opinions… Kind of like when a celebrity is a spokesperson for an organisation. Ha ha, just kidding! *Pulls on collar uncomfortably.*

So here's the list of what you'll need to carry with you when you vape and we'll explain below:

  1. Extra drip tip
  2. E-liquid
  3. Back-up
  4. Vape shop name
  5. A tissue
  6. Excuses
  7. Extra coil/pod
  8. Facts
  9. Expectation
  10. Walking shoes
  1. Extra drip tip

Unless you vape flavourless e-liquid, your vape clouds are going to smell amazing! This may have your friends asking to have a go of your vape.

We love our friends, but we don't know where they've been. Save yourself sharing foreign saliva, disgusting mouth germs, bad breath smell and left over pasta on your drip tip and carry a spare to swap out when they want to try.

If your kit does not have a removeable drip tip or you just don't want to share, ignore the question by starting up a conversation about something else immediately. Usually your friend feels a little awkward and they won't bring it up again.

  1. E-liquid

Unless you've got a SKRR-S 8mL Tank, chances are you're going to need a top-up of e-liquid if you're going out and vape a lot (or if your greedy friends keep asking for a vape and you're done trying to ignore them).

Conveniently carry extra e-liquid by purchasing some 15mL empty bottles. Take it from one of the ladies working with us – they fit in a small handbag easily and rarely leak.

Oh and always remember the name of the e-juice you're vaping. There will always be people who smell your vapour and say 'that's so nice, what is that?'. Your conversation will be a lot shorter if you just know the name or at least the flavour. Otherwise you're in for a 15-minute guessing game if your friend just HAS to figure it out.

  1. Back-up

A back-up battery (carried safely, see our battery safety post) or small device is always a must if you're going to be out for a while. If you're battery runs out while you're still nowhere near home, you'll get the same panic and annoyance you get when you forget to charge your phone and no one has an iPhone 3 charging cable anymore.

A couple of perfect back-up devices we can recommend are the Vaporesso Osmall or the Caliburn Pod Kits – they're tiny and will add a few hours of vaping for emergencies.

  1. Vape shop name

Carry a business card or know the name of the vape shop you purchased your vape gear from. This is for those povo friends (leeches) who ask you to buy a vape for them next time you order. Grab this person's phone and type '' in their browser. Tell them how awesome our prices and customer service are, and the conversation is over.
  1. A tissue

Always have a tissue handy for those friends who start crying when you tell them they can't slobber all over your vape. Just kidding! No matter what device you have, you can always have a bit of leak, especially when you're topping up e-liquid. Having a tissue means you're not wiping it on your clothes and then have a stain to deal with in public.

  1. Excuses

If you don't have an extra drip tip and don't want to share your vape, arm yourself with reasons someone cannot use your device. No need to lie, just come prepared. For example, early 2020 has been all about the coronavirus, social distancing and not sharing. Or, as we are writing this, it's winter, flu season. Done.

  1. Extra coil or pod

There's been countless times when we are out with friends, talking and laughing while vaping, then all of a sudden… BAM, dry hit and cough. You got distracted and didn't notice you ran out of e-liquid. Immediately following this realisation is a short prayer: 'please oh please, I hope I didn't burn my coil!'.

If you carry an extra coil or pod, you won't have to worry. These things happen and it will stop you from having to vape on a burnt coil, which can be bad for you and tastes like the bitter cookies you had to eat after you burnt them and no amount of scraping off the black burnt bottom can salvage them.

  1. Facts

There is sooooooo much incorrect information out there about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) from a number of sources, including the news. Not blaming anyone as it's hard to know the actual culprit, just saying it's there.

There's always that one person who sees you vaping from 20 metres away and thinks it's their duty to save you from vaping by telling you what they've heard. While we admire these people's intentions, as we are assuming they care about you, it's good if you know some things too and luckily there is plenty of information on our friend, the interwebs. One good source of info is ATHRA (Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association).

  1. Expectation

Expect that you may be asked about vaping, for good and bad reasons. Either way, don't get mad, some people are genuinely curious and who knows, you may help someone quit smoking by answering some questions.

Note: We are not saying that vapes are proven smoking cessation devices or vaping guarantees you quit smoking.

  1. Walking shoes

Have you seen where the smoking areas are in some places now? Be prepared to take a bit of stroll to avoid smoke/vape-free areas. Ladies in heels or pumps, bring some flats.

You may also need your walking shoes to walk away from a conversation that's going nowhere with a person who just wants to tell you off for vaping. If you've said all you can calmly, put on your walking shoes and walk away.

We hope this prepares you when you're vaping in places other than your house and we've made you laugh by the exaggerated situations we wrote about. Until next time, happy vaping!


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