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Vaporesso GT Coils have a large variety of powerful coils, made to get the best flavour out of your vape juice. Since their release, they have become one of the most popular coils we sell... And for good reason! The Vaporesso GT Coils turn your electronic cigarette (ecigarette) into a flavour and cloud monster using any e-liquid!

GT Coils are compatible with a large number of tanks/kits, not limited to those made by Vaporesso, including:

So many vape kits that you can enjoy the GT Coils with! Who knows, there may be even more in the future!

GT Mesh and CCELL coil cores

GT Coils are predominately made up of traditional cotton wicking. One of the most popular GT Coils with cotton wicking is the 0.18 ohm GT Mesh Coil, which features mesh material that ensures even distribution of heat and e-liquid flavour. The mesh coil handles heavy usage like no other with the wattage range of 50-90W.

As good as the mesh may be, the crown in the Vaporesso range has to be the GT CCELL coils in our opinion. Constructed with an innovative ceramic wicking structure, the GT CCELL Coils offer the best flavour and coil durability.

So which one will you try? Well that all depends on your style of vape and the wattage range you prefer. Leave us a review and let us know your experience.

Direct-lung or mouth-to-lung vaping?

These coils are best suited to direct-lung (DL) vaping, from our experience. This is where you inhale vapour directly to the lungs, like taking a deep breath. In doing so, it allows the coil to adequately use the ample airflow, that most of the compatible tanks have, to cool the coil and maintain pressure in the tank so it doesn't leak.

When you mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape, the inhale is usually smaller, drawn to the mouth first, held very briefly, then inhaled to the lungs (kind of like smoking cigarettes). These smaller inhales of the MTL-style of vape usually require a more restricted airflow to get a throat hit which doesn't suit these coils. From our experience, MTL vaping seems to burn these coils quicker and cause your tank to leak.

If you prefer MTL, check out our MTL Tanks which are compatible with coils that are more suited to this style of vaping, such as Vaporesso GTX or EUC Coils.

Please note: this product does not contain nicotine.

GT Coil specs

  • GT Coils come in a three-pack.
  • Perfect for DL vaping. Not recommended for MTL vaping.

GT cores structures:

  • 0.5 ohm GT CCELL (25-40W)
  • 0.3 ohm GT CCELL2 - (35-40W)
  • 0.15 ohm GT4 - (30-70W)
  • 0.4 ohm GT2 - (40-80W)
  • 0.2 ohm GT6 - (40-130W)
  • 0.2 ohm GT1 - (50-70W)
  • 0.15 ohm GT4 Mesh - (50-75W)
  • 0.18 ohm GT Mesh - (50-90W)
  • 0.15 ohm GT8 - (50-110W)

Package content

  • 3 x Vaporesso GT Coils

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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0.18 GT coils

I love these, they work best for me at 65 watt. Good lifespan to.

Angii Rotblat
Great customer service

Most vaping sites these days can only be differentiated by customer service. In this regard, VaporOxide comes out ahead of the others.

Vapor Esso GT coils

Good quality coils

Great coils

Good flavour.

Jason G
Vaporesso GT Core Ceramic 0.5 ohm (25w - 35w) Coils 3pack

I like these coils for many reasons personally. I get a nice flavour I enjoy at relatively low wattage, I prefer the Ceramic lower wattage coils. I find I get what I consider to be a good lifespan, quality & value compared with different types of coils I have used.These coils fit different types of Tanks I use & alternatively there are many kinds of this general type of coil to try for variety & preference though my preference is the Vaporesso GT Core Ceramic 0.5 ohm (25 - 35w) Coils for the reasons above. I sourced mine from Vapour Oxide Australia online store and can vouch for their quality, reliability & value. Thank-you Jason.

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