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OG Kush Terpene Profile Infused Herbs Pouch by Entourage Labs is infused with carefully chosen botanical terpene strain profiles to imitate the well-known cannabis variety, this herbal blend of marshmallow, blue lotus, and cornflower is both indulgent and sweet.

The OG of strains, this one is universally cherished. Hints of pine and coniferous forests among green, woodsy floral tones.

Entourage Labs's strain profiles are spot-on recreations of each strain's distinctive terpene signature, allowing you to experience the full flavour and character of these rare plants. To take on their own or combine with other herbs.

Entourage Labs OG Kush Herbal Terpenes Pouch features & specs

  • Our strain profiles capture the terpene signature of individual hemp strains
  • Experience your favorite strain's flavor, aroma, personality, and essence
  • Each profile is unique and authentic to the strain it represents.

Terpenes featured in this blend:

  • beta-pinene
  • myrcene
  • limonene
  • beta-caryophyllene
  • humulene
  • linalool
  • alpha-pinene
  • fenchol

Package content

  • 20g Terpene Profile Infused Herbs Pouch

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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