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ECO Nano Pod Kit by Vaporesso looks like a disposable vape, vapes like a disposable vapouriser, has features of a disposable vape but IT’S NOT A DISPOSABLE VAPE kit! The Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod Vape Kit is a clever beginner starter kit that’s as easy to use as disposables, with inhale-activated vaping (no buttons or settings) and a humungous, disposable yet refillable, 6mL e-liquid capacity Vaporesso ECO Nano Replaceable Pod, lasting 13000 mouth-to-lung (MTL) puffs! The 1000mAh built-in battery of the ECO Nano Vape however, is eco-friendly in that you don’t throw it out! It’s rechargeable and reusable, like a regular pod vapouriser. Brilliant!

This is one time where the saying ‘if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck’ doesn’t apply. Check out the Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod Vape Kit video review by Mike Vapes, a great YouTube vape reviewer, to see what we mean by, ‘it’s not a duck’ (disposable vape).

Mammoth ECO Nano Pod has a right to brag

When you are a disposable pod (not entire vape kit) that offers SIX BLOODY ML (6mL) of vape juice, like the the Vaporesso ECO Nano Replaceable Pod, you can not only drop the mic but launch that mic into last year! More features that make the ECO Nano Pod appealing including its:

  • 6ML vape juice capacity so you have significantly less e-liquid top-ups than most other pod vape kits!
  • easy bottom fill via a black rubber-plug covered, large fill port (remove ECO Nano Pod from battery to fill with e-juice)
  • comfy, slim mouthpiece built in to the ECO Nano Pod that’s designed for restricted draws
  • great vapour flavour and decent throat hit, thanks to Vaporesso’s Corex Heating Tech
  • long pod life of 13000 puffs that could last an average vaper one to two months! Eco-friendly AND budge-friendly!
  • semi-transparent body so you can easily monitor your e-liquid level
  • one 0.8 ohm ECO Nano Pod included and a 1.2 ohm pod (which uses the battery a little slower) can be purchased separately
  • disposable but refillable ECO Nano Pod for hassle-free, easy vaping
  • strong magnetic connection to the ECO Nano Battery meaning it stays put
  • SSS leak-resistant technology that refers to the ECO Nano Pod’s ability to:
    • ‘store safely’ with extra seal to avoid leakage while not in use
    • ‘saturate properly’ referring to saturating the coil with vapour e-juice via the large coil openings to the cotton
    • ‘seal comprehensively’ with the o-rings that keep the air pressure in for the best MTL vaping experience.

MTL vaping perfection

The Vaporesso ECO Nano non-disposable Vape Kit is designed for a restricted draw with its slim mouthpiece bore, and low-wattage, high-resistance (ohm) vaping. In vaping terms, it’s for MTL vaping, where you draw vapour to your mouth, hold, then inhale to your lungs (ciggie-style draw).

  • Included 0.8 ohm pod is good for a mid-restricted MTL draw (not tight but not very loose).
  • 1.2 ohm pod (sold separately) is good for slightly more restricted but not super tight MTL.
  • See our ECO Nano Pod product description for more info about the different pod choices.

A disposable-looking ECO Nano Battery

The Vaporesso ECO Nano Vape Battery may look like a disposable vape kit but nope! This baby is rechargeable, like a standard beginner pod vapouriser, cleverly designed to look like a disposable vapouriser and marketed as a more eco and budget-friendly alternative. So, don’t throw him out! He’ll be super offended.

You’ll be impressed with the ECO Nano Battery’s:

  • 1000mAh built-in battery that’ll last you about one to three days, depending on how much you vape
  • affordability since it’s not disposable, it’ll cost you 60% less than vaping disposable vape kits; a cost-effective alternative to disposable vape kits
  • easy carry due to its compact square shape of only 7.7cm tall and light weight of 59g
  • incredible ease of use without buttons or settings. Just fill the ECO Nano Pod, attach it to the Vaporesso ECO Nano Battery and draw on the mouthpiece to vape.
  • auto-draw vaping (inhale-activated) meaning you just draw to vape, no button needed
  • palm-sized, compact body that’s pocket and bag friendly, and comfortable to hold
  • eco-friendly kit compared to disposable vape kits whose entire kit is disposable
  • eco-friendly packaging that helps reduce plastic pollution.

Please note:

  • Remove the plastic protective sticker at the bottom of the pod before vaping.
  • You only get one ECO Nano Pod in the kit so we recommend purchasing some back-up Vaporesso Eco Nano Replacement Pods since they’re disposable and need replacing periodically.
  • There is no Type C cable included but you can pick up a quality Type C Charging Cable with your order now.
  • See the ECO Nano Pod Kit frequently asked questions (FAQs) after the ‘Package Content’ section below for more information.
  • Prime new ECO Nano Pods before vaping by filling with e-liquid and letting them sit for about five minutes to ensure the cotton inside the coil is saturated (avoids prematurely burning the coil). See our ‘how to prime new coils or pods’ FAQ for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with built-in battery devices like the Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod Kit. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.

ECO Nano Pod Kit features & specs

  • Dimensions: 77 x 44.7 x 18mm
  • Vape juice capacity: 6mL
  • Pod life: 13000 puffs (lasting months)
  • Battery capacity: built-in, 1000mAh
  • SSS Leak-Resistant Technology
  • Corex Heating Technology (great vapour flavour)
  • Easy bottom fill port
  • Disposable, refillable pods (not entire device)
  • Mid-restricted MTL vaping (not tight but not loose)
  • Type-C USB Port 5V (1A charging, cable not included)
  • Beginner vaper friendly
  • Very easy to use
  • Compatible with Vaporesso Eco Nano Replacement Pods

Package content

  • Vaporesso ECO Nano Battery Mod
  • Vaporesso ECO Nano Mesh Pod (0.8 ohm)
  • User manual

ECO Nano Pod Kit FAQs

1. How big is the tank on the Vaporesso ECO Nano?

The ECO Nano Pod Vape Kit has a 6mL pod that's disposable, so it's easier to maintain than a vape tank but lasts for 13000 puffs so it's more eco-friendly than a disposable vape kit.

2. How do you charge a Vaporesso ECO Nano Vape?

Plug one of your Type C charging in to the charge port at bottom of the ECO Nano Pod Kit, then plug the cable in to a 1A-compatible adaptor/usb to charge.

If you don't own a Type C charging cable, we have plenty of Type C Charging Cables that you cane pick up with your Veco Go Pod Kit order.

3. How long does the ECO Nano Pod built-in coil last?

Vaporesso says that one ECO Nano Replacement Pod lasts for 13000 puffs so it could last for one, two or more months, depending on how much you vape. Coil life depends on so many factors though; some are in your control and others aren't. This includes pod priming, manufacturing, power settings or type of e-liquid being used.

Check out our ‘What affects the life of my coil or pod’ frequently asked question for more information.

4. Is the ECO Nano Pod Kit disposable?

Not in the classic meaning of a disposable vape kit because those entire kits are thrown out once the coil burns or e-liquid runs out. Like a regular beginner pod vape kit, the ECO Nano Pod is disposable and does not come pre-filled with vape juice but you keep and reuse the rechargeable battery with a new pod.

5. What does Corex Heating Technology mean?

COREX Heating Technology describes the unique morph-mesh structure and cotton design inside the built-in coil which are designed to guarantee rapid, even heating, resulting in flavour accuracy from the very first puff to the last. It is also said to extend the pod's lifespan by about 50%.

6. When should I replace my ECO Nano Pod?

When your disposable Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod isn’t vaping well, it’s time to replace it. Signs your ECO Nano Pod has reached the end of its life include:

  • excessive leaking while vaping
  • bad vapour flavour
  • burned vapour taste
  • black cotton inside coil (might be able to see this via the cotton slots inside the the bottom of the pod or by shining a torch down the mouthpiece bore hole)
  • significantly less vapour production.

7. When should I refill my ECO Nano Pod?

In our experience, it's best to keep the vape juice level above the built-in coil's entry cutouts which are the small oval cutouts in the steel post you see inside the ECO Nano Pod.

Since that's where the coil sucks e-liquid from as you draw, keeping them immersed in e-liquid minimises the chances of a dry hit (without e-liquid) that could burn your coil.

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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What a little legend.

This Vape has been a little legend. Love the 6-mill Tanks,l they are just awesome. You don't have to fill it up all day. I haven't had any leaking yet. Which is just an absolute bonus. Love the new colours. I was so excited these here at VapourOxid came in. I've seen them in other sights, But I was waiting for them to Be available here. I think you just can't go past this price, I find that the products here are always just high value and the best price.
Stock up, why You can. support this business!! I highly recommend them. I have not had any issues. They have amazing customer service. Really love their emails. Keeping us all up-to-date with what's going on. Keep up the great work.

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