CCELL Go Stik 510 Vape Battery

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Go Stik 510 Vape Battery by CCELL, who also owns the renowned Vaporesso vape brand, is your passport to the world of unparalleled vaping pleasure. Crafted with precision and innovation, this oil vape redefines convenience and performance. Unleash your inner connoisseur with Go Stik's unique features. Its intuitive slide switch lets you effortlessly toggle between 'Flavor' and 'Potency' modes, allowing you to savor the perfect balance in every inhale. Taste the full spectrum of your oils at lower temperatures or kick it up for those powerful hits you crave.

Designed for Peace of Mind

Worried about accidental drops and spills? The Go Stik's anti-slip design, complemented by its ergonomic shape and matte finish, ensures it stays put. No more anxiety about your vape rolling off tables; it's a steady companion that cares for your oils and your peace of mind.

Whether you prefer the classics or the trendiest large cartridges, the Go Stik accommodates all. With compatibility for both traditional and larger cartridge sizes, this vape seamlessly blends style with functionality.

Effortless Vaping

Experience vaping like never before with Go Stik. It employs advanced draw-to-activate technology, eliminating the need for button taps. Just inhale, and watch as Go Stik transforms your oil into rich, flavorful vapor.

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CCELL Go Stik Vape Battery features & specs

  • Dimensions: 91.5 x 20 x 15.2mm
  • Battery capacity: 280mAh
  • Thread: standard 510
  • Dual heat settings (2.8 or 3.2)
  • Compatible with a wide range of cartridges
  • Inhale-activated vaping (auto-draw)
  • Super compact size
  • Light weight
  • Type-C charging
  • Compatible with CCELL 510 Cartridges like the CCELL TH2 EVO Glass Cartridge

Package content

  • CCELL Go Stik Vape Battery
  • User manual

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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