We take vaping seriously and want to get you back up and running as quick as possible without wasting any of your time or incurring any further costs.

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Vaping is not easy! Prior to packing and sending your items to our team, more often than not issues can arise from simple user error. To save our customers time and money we ask if you can kindly contact our friendly team to outline what variables are at play that may be causing issues.

Visual guides can be easier to interpret than text from an email, we suggest looking into the abundant resources available online particularly on YouTube. You can find any item that we stock with in-depth videos from an assortment of professional reviewers. Simply searching the brand and model of your item will net a plethora of results.


Safely prepare your returns for the journey back to us.

  • Replaceable batteries? Remove and insulate them if they need to be returned and inspected by us
  • Empty and clean your tank or reservoir
  • Please only return the faulty item/s
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Please read and complete this form to process a return. If this form is not completed in it’s entirety, the return process may be delayed or not processed and the customer will be responsible for all postage and handling fees.
Once we receive a returned device, it will be closely examined by our returns team. If the device is found to be in full working order, the customer will also be responsible for paying the return postage fee.

What to do next

  • Seal your parcel with all the required documentation inside.
  • Make sure you write the words ‘Return’ and the order number prominently on the outside of the package.
  • Take a photo of the parcel and tracking number and e-mail to with your name and order number.
  • Post to the following address:

VapourOxide Australia
PO Box 3065
Norman Park, QLD 4170

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