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Watermelon Slices Ice vape juice by Dinner Lady, featuring in its Ice range, lets you enjoy the flavour of watermelon slices as they should be - cold and fizzy!

That's right, Watermelon Slices e-liquid is an ice-cold, fizzy, sweet watermelon vapour flavour that you may need to buy two bottles of to keep up with demand... Yours and your vaping friends.

Do you like the Watermelon Slices Ice vapour flavour but not fancy the ice? Not to worry, Dinner Lady has a non-icy Watermelon Slices vape juice, just for you... And every other vaper that feels the same way.

Watermelon Slices Ice e-liquid Flavour Specs

  • Watermelon | Ice
  • 70vg | 30pg
  • 60mL
  • Made in the UK

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Nice ice.

I actually rather enjoyed this one compared to other dinner lady iced juices, which have disappointed me. The menthol ice throat hit was really great, the watermelon was not too sweet which I prefer, nice and ripe juicy watermelon. tasted like a reduced sugar fresh watermelon cordial soda. Which I enjoyed. Not bad, not amazing. Just a nice icy watermelon for a hot afternoon on the beach.

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