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The Uwell Whirl S Pod Starter Kit is one heck of an all-in-one (AIO) electronic cigarette (ecigarette) that’s great for beginner vapers! It has a seriously fast auto-draw vape response but you can also use the fire button to vape. The Whirl S tank is actually made of glass, has replaceable coils AND adjustable airflow! A simple, quality, flavoursome vapouriser.

Check out the video review of the Uwell Whirl S Pod Kit by Mike Vapes, one of our favourite YouTube vape reviewers.

The Whirls S is an all-day vape

The Uwell Whirl S Pod Kit requires low wattage, 18W, but has a surprising 1450mAh built-in battery! This means you can vape on it practically all day before needing a charge via its Type C charging port, that's conveniently located on the side of the Uwell Whirl S so you can charge it upright.

Conveniently fill, adjust and vape the Whirl S

EVERYTHING is convenient about the Uwell Whirl S Pod Kit!

Filling with e-liquid

Simply unscrew the top cap of the tank while it’s in the Whirl S and fill via either of the two fill ports with 2mL of your favourite vapour e-juice. Easy and quick.

Adjusting your vapour

This is a perfect mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping device where you draw vapour, hold it in your mouth, then inhale to the lungs, perfectly simulating a tradition cigarette. However, Uwell takes it one step further…

At the bottom of the tank (once removed from the Whirl) the Uwell Whirl S allows you to adjust the airflow; from a very tight MTL to a loose MTL draw.

You may even be able to get a very restricted direct-lung (DL) vape, where you inhale vapour straight to the lungs, with the airflow wide open.

Whirl S auto draw vs. Whirs S button

You can just draw on the drip tip (mouth piece) to vape the Uwell Whirl S Pod Kit or press the button. The auto draw has such a fast fire response that you barely notice a difference in vapour production speed between it and pressing the button to vape; something many other e-cigarette pod devices have difficulty achieving.

Slim, vape-pen style of vape

The Whirl S Pod Kit is small and thin but feels heavy duty so you won’t feel like it will break easily. It comfortably fits in your pocket or bag but just make sure you turn if off first (five clicks of the fire button should do it).

Changing the child-safe coil

The Whirl S comes with 0.8 ohm Whirl S Coils that, combined with Uwell’s patented Pro-FOCS flavour adjustment technology, will give you some darn-good vapour flavour from your e-juice.

The coil is held in by a ‘coil lock’ to prevent the coil coming out accidentally. Change your coil in two, easy steps:

  1. Remove the tank from the Whirl S Kit.
  2. Gently press the coil lock at the bottom of the tank, lift the old coil out and place the new, primed coil in. Check out our frequently asked question, ‘How to prime new coils or pods’, if you’re new to the vape game.

Anything else you need to know?

The Whirl S tank is magnetically connected to the battery and can be easily removed and cleaned with running water. This doesn’t need to be done very often but it's good to clean your tank once in a while. Make sure it is dry before refilling and vaping.

Other than that, we highly recommend this Uwell Whirl S wonder-of-a-vape-kit! If you’re an MTL lover, this is your vapouriser kit!

Please note:

  • The Whirl S Tank cannot be used with other vape mods.
  • Even though this kit has an internal battery, have a read of our battery safety blog post for some tips on vape battery safety.

Features & Specs

  • Dimensions: 122 x 20 mm
  • Material: stainless steel, quartz glass
  • Pod: 2mL vapour e-liquid capacity
  • Output: 18W
  • Battery: 1450mAh capacity, built-in
  • Charging port: Type-C USB
  • Draw-activated vape or fire button option
  • Lock/unlock ability
  • Top-filling pod
  • Magnetic connection of pod
  • Coil child lock system
  • Compatible with Uwell Whirl S Coils
  • FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 0.8 ohm Coil
  • Adjustable airflow for a tight to medium-loose MTL vape
  • Medium cloud production

Package content

  • Uwell Whirl S Starter Kit
  • UN2 Meshed-H 0.8 ohm Coil (pre-installed)
  • Extra UN2 Meshed-H 0.8 ohm Coil
  • Pack of o-rings
  • User manual
  • Type-C USB charging cable

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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