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Thunderflood vape juice by Five Star Juice is a mix of multiple exotic fruits, including mango, banana and juicy pineapple. It's the perfect vapour flavour to accompany vaping on a Summer's night that has a perfect, slightly-cool breeze. It would also help if you were on a tropical island.

Our theory on how Thunderflood e-juice got its name:

  • Thunder only happens when it's raining and so do floods.
  • Thunderflood e-liquid is a mix of tropical/exotic vapour flavours like banana and pineapple.
  • Thunder, rain and floods happen more in the tropics.
  • Tropics = thunder and floods, hence, Thunderflood vape juice. There you go.

Question: if you vape Thunderflood, will thunder and floods come? Let us know if this happened to you by leaving a review below.

Five Star Juice is also the mastermind behind a number of other popular and tasty vape juice brands such as Devotion, Levels and Choice.

Thunderflood e-liquid flavour specs

  • Mango | Banana | Pineapple
  • 70vg | 30pg
  • 120mL
  • Made in USA

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Not what I was expecting 😔

The description sounded great, banana & pineapple being the main flavour profile - yes please! Except no, no that’s not what it is… the bottle arrived and revealed on the bottle the flavour profile is pineapple & MANGO…. I hate mango, I can’t stand it… if I’d known mango was going to be in it, it wouldn’t have made it in my purchases. If you like mango, you’ll probably probably enjoy this juice… I, unfortunately, do not.

Hi Sani, Apologies for that. It turns out the manufacturers changed the description of Thunder flood and did not notify us when we placed our last order with them. Please check your email shortly for a gift card on your next order.

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