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POPREEL N1 Pod Kit by Uwell is a super-simple, incredibly-affordable pod vape kit that’s perfect for beginner vapers! The 2mL vape juice capacity, disposable Popreel N1 Pods are replaced with a new pod once they don’t vape well and provide a warm, tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape, similar to that of a traditional smoke. You’ll be MTL vaping all day with your Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit’s 520mAh built-in battery too by simply drawing on the mouthpiece; no buttons or complexity in the Popreel N1 Pod Kit!

Check out the Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit video review by Mike Vapes or Matt from SMM’s Popreel N1 review to see if this vape kit in action.

Popreel N1 Pods don’t get attached to you

Being disposable means the Uwell Popreel N1 Pods want you to use them and throw them away when the time is right. Don’t feel bad about throwing them away! Popreel N1 Pods simply don’t make emotional connections like us; just magnetic ones when they attach to your Popreel N1 Battery/Mod. ;) Yep, that’s an old-school wink emoji which shows our age… Moving on. More simple and intelligent features the Uwell Popreel N1 Pods offer you include:

  • secure magnetic connection keeping your Popreel N1 Pod in place until you want to remove it
  • great vapour flavour from built in 1.2 ohm coils made with Uwell’s patented Pro Focs Technology that ensures the best flavour from your e-liquid
  • warmer vapour compared to other 1.2 ohm coil pods which are usually on the cooler side
  • semi-transparent pods to see your e-liquid level and avoid vaping on an empty pod (which can burn your coil, requiring you to throw out the pod)
  • low to medium vape cloud size which is expected from a low-wattage vaping device
  • easy side fill under an easy-to-locate, orange-coloured, rubber plug on the side of the Popreel N1 Pod. You must remove the pod from the Popreel N1 device to fill with vape juice
  • 2mL vape juice capacity which is pretty standard of pod vape kits of this kind and shouldn’t require very frequent re-fills since the low wattage of the Popreel N1 Pod Kit won’t chew through your e-juice quickly.

MTL vape all day

The Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit is purely an MTL vaping device, meaning it has a restricted or tight draw, where you hold vapour in your mouth briefly before inhaling to the lungs; a cigarette-style draw without the stank. Yes. Stank.

The small airflow hole on the Popreel N1 Battery will give you perfectly-restricted draws which, coupled with the low-wattage, high-resistance (1.2 ohm) coils in the Popreel N1 Pods, make for perfect MTL vaping.

Popreel N1 Mod’s pleasure texture

Weird heading. Made you look though and brought your attention to the cool texture of the Uwell Popreel N1 Mod body. The diamond pattern you see pictured is actually three-dimensional. So, not only does the Popreel N1 Mod body look cool, it feels interesting to hold; like a fidget spinner to keep you occupado. If this is something that makes you wanna write home about, you better get some pens and paper (that’s how we used to write home in the stone age) because you’re going to love how simple the Uwell Popreel N1 is to use with its:

  • 520mAh built in battery which requires nothing more than a USB Type C cable (sold separately) to charge after vaping for a day (depending on how much you vape)
  • battery indicator light to let you know how much battery you have left:
    • green – 61-100%
    • blue – 30-60%
    • red – less than 30%
  • only 27g weight with its plastic body! Seriously! The Popreel N1 Pod Kit is lighter than a lighter
  • simple draw activation which means you just draw on the mouthpiece to vape – no buttons to complicate your vape life
  • easy carry with no buttons that can be accidentally pressed while in your pocket or bag!
  • fingerprint proof matte finish
  • extra grip from the diamond-textured body, decreasing your chances of dropping it.

That’s all folks! A simple, affordable, ridiculously light-weight vape kit that is absolutely perfect for beginner vapers who are used to a restricted, MTL draw. The Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit’s affordability allows you to buy two so you can have a ‘charge one, vape one’ rotation. #can’tfaultthepopreeln1

Please note:

  • Remove the sticker at the bottom of new Popreel N1 Pods before use.
  • Not compatible with Uwell Popreel P1 Pods and N1 Pods are not compatible with Popreel P1 or PK1 Pod Kits.
  • The Popreel N1 Kit only comes with one pod. We recommend purchasing a pack of Uwell Popreel N1 Replacement Pods now, as the pod is disposable and will need replacing.
  • The Popreel N1 Kit does not come with a charging cable but you can use one from another vape kit or pick up a USB Type C cable now.
  • Make sure you prime Popreel N1 Pods by filling them up with e-liquid and letting them sit for five to ten minutes before vaping. This ensures the cotton wick in the coil is saturated and avoids dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with built-in battery vape kits like the Popreel N1. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.

POPREEL N1 Pod Kit features & specs

  • Dimensions: 102.2 x 22.1 x 11.5mm
  • Weight: 27g
  • Pod: 2mL vape juice capacity
  • Output: 10W
  • Battery: 520mAh capacity, built-in
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Draw-activated vape
  • Side-filling pod
  • Magnetic connection of pod
  • Low to medium cloud production
  • Battery indicator light
  • Compatible with Uwell POPREEL N1 Pods

Package content

  • Uwell POPREEL N1 Pod System Vape Kit
  • Uwell POPREEL N1 1.2 ohm Pod Cartridge
  • User manual

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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