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Zero Pod Replacements by Vaporesso and Renova feature 2mL vape juice capacity and a child-proof e-liquid filling system (from the bottom) that reduces leakage. The disposable (but refillable) Vaporesso Renova Zero Pods are easy to use for beginner vapers and deliver a spot-on mouth-to-lung (MTL, ciggie-style draw).

While Vaporesso Zero Pods are the first of the they're kind, Vaporesso has not left them behind, allowing compatibility with all Zero Pod Kits that have been released since, such as the:

Zero Pods come in two different resistances (ohm) which give you a slightly different MTL draw (where you where you draw and hold vapour in your mouth, then inhale to the lungs, similar to a ciggie draw).

  • 1.3 ohm CCELL pod: optimised for high vaping satisfaction with cooler vapour, good vapour flavour and tightest draw.
  • 1.0 ohm Mesh pod: slightly warmer vapour, slight boost in vapour flavour and tight draw.

Please note:

  • It's very important to prime new pods by filling with e-liquid and letting them sit for about five minutes before using. This saturates the coil cotton and avoids dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils or pods’ FAQ for more information.

Renova Zero Pod features & specs

Package Content

  • 2 Vaporesso Zero Replacement Pods

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Huge fan - Great multi use pods

Great little pods and again. These are just great because I fit in so many different devices from Vaporesso

Love buying from VapourOxide Australia. Love their emails, keeping us Aussie's up-to-date with what's going on with the vape laws. Glad that they have not closed down huge fan of their company. Happy to support them. Great customer service experience. Amazing postage.

Best replacement pod system

I have been using the Renova system for over 18 months now. It is so easy and hassle free. Minimal leaks and reasonable usage out of most pods. Have had some that seem to conk out sooner than others, but generally pretty consistent quality. Would recommend.

Cara Sharp
Good product

Been using this pod system for years, had one or two duds early on but have been consistently reliable for ages. Will continue to use for as long as I vape.

Shahriar Jamil

Received the product in time. The pods are really good. I am satisfied.

Ellette Solomon
Burnt through so quick

2 weeks ago I bought a Renova zero vape with 2 replacement pods. I have already burnt through 3 pods. I hardly vape and I always make sure the tank is full with juice. I am very confused to why they burnt so quick as my last smok vape 1 pod would last me a month. The other reviews are positive so maybe mine are just faulty. Very disappointed

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