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PBLS vape juice by Glas Vapor, part of its Basix Series, could be considered a breakfast e-liquid with its blend of fruity cereal, rich, sweet cream and French macarons. Although you could also have that for dessert...

Have you ever poured a bowl of 'fruit' cereal, loaded it with thickened cream, sprinkled it with sugar and topped it off with some French Macarons? No? Neither have we but now that we see Glas Vapor made PBLS e-liquid that combines these three incredible vapour flavours, we totally wanna try it!

Once you do, stock up on PBLS vape juice as we'll bet you want to revisit these creamy, sweet, rich flavours every time you vape.

Why PBLS? We're not sure, but we're thinking it's an acronym for 'pure bliss' which is what you might be feeling after vaping PBLS vape juice.

PBLS e-liquid flavour specs

  • Fruity Cereal | Sweet Cream | Macarons
  • 70vg | 30pg
  • 60mL
  • Made in USA

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Absolutely terrible

Way to sweet, slight cardboard taste. I have not one good thing to say. Save your money is my advice. Hard to believe that they can make blueberry cake, my favourite juice ever and this crap.!

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