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Pash My Melons vape juice by Rebel Bogan is a clever name to describe the passionfruit and mixed melons (watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew and sweet melons) blend that takes melon fruit flavoured e-liquid to another level!

The way to make Pash My Melons e-liquid mate, is to follow these simple steps*:

  1. Get ya self some sweet but slightly tart passionfruit from the back yard, mate. This puts the 'pash' in Pash My Melons vape juice. Struth!
  2. Chop up some melons. Not ya noggin'; melon fruit. Rebel Bogan used watermelons, rockmelons, honeydew and sweet melons to make a melon frenzy, mate.
  3. Put is all together and give it whirl with a spoon, mate, to blend the melon and passion fruit together.
  4. What you'll 'ave 'ere is a bloody beauty to vape with.

Have a crack at this vape sauce 'cause it’ll go like a flamin' kangaroo! Hooroo.

*Not the actual steps to making Pash My Melons e-liquid. Rebel Bogan does not endorse our recipe method.

Pash My Melons e-liquid flavour specs

  • Passionfruit | Watermelon | Rockmelon | Honeydew
  • 70vg | 30pg
  • 60mL Shortfill (75mL capacity bottle)
  • Made in AU

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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