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P SubOhm Tank by GeekVape is a 5mL tank with middle adjustable airflow that’s situated between two glass tank compartments, to create a smoother, leak-proof airflow, better vapour flavour and a shock-proof vape tank! Using the same, powerful, tasty and cloud-chasing GeekVape Z Series Coils as the infamous Z Sub Ohm Tank, is needless to say, a guarantee that your vape clouds will be huge and your vapour flavour intense. Intrigued? You should be, the P Sub Ohm Tank is a rather unique GeekVape tank.

Check out the GeekVape P Sub Ohm Tank video review by Mike Vapes, one of our favourite YouTube vape reviewers, to see the P Sub Ohm in action.

P is for Poseidon

The GeekVape P Sub Ohm Tank is actually named after Poseidon, the mythical Greek god of the sea (the one that looks like the little mermaid, Aerial’s, dad, trident and all). Maybe the P Sub Ohm Tank is god of the e-liquid sea in the vape world since the new airflow positioning, sort of in the middle of the tank but still considered top airflow, is mastering the vapour flavour delivery!

There may be other reasons to consider the P Sub Ohm Tank ‘demi-god-like’ when you consider it features:

  • double e-liquid chambers above and below the airflow control that help with getting better vapour flavour. The chambers are connected, so fill from the top and it will fill the bottom chamber too.
  • easy top fill with a simple quarter-turn of the top cap opening the entire chamber, so no little fill ports to worry about
  • shock-proof feature – the metallic components of the tank bulge out a little more than the glass tubes so if you drop the P Sub Ohm Tank, it may more likely hit the protruding metallic parts and not crack your glass
  • ample, adjustable, precise airflow control with three points of entry for maximum vapour production
  • leak-proof design with positioning of middle airflow adjustment. The design of the top chamber also prevents e-liquid from spilling over
  • seriously-good vapour flavour and vape clouds from the amazing GeekVape Z Series Coils. Note : Z 0.25 ohm dual coils is not compatible.
  • 5mL vape juice capacity
  • 810 removable drip tip that’s perfectly sized for all the airflow this tank provides
  • easy to disassemble – once top cap is removed, top chamber glass comes off along with airflow controller. Once base is unscrewed, bottom chamber glass comes off, leaving the middle, metal section of the vape tank intact but accessible to clean.

DL vaping all the way

Direct-lung (DL) vaping, where you inhale vapour straight to your lungs, like taking a deep breath in through your drip tip, is what this tank is made for. The P Sub Ohm Tank’s airflow, drip tip and coils all scream ‘DL VAPE ME!’.

What can we say about another high-performing sub ohm tank from GeekVape? Well the P Sub Ohm Tank certainly takes its place with the Z Sub Ohm Tank, in terms of performance, since it’s using the same coils. It may look a little different from regular vape tanks but who are we to discriminate? For all vape intents and purposes, the P SubOhm Tank looks like it would handle high-wattage vaping like a beast… Or maybe Poseidon? If he replaced his trident with a massive vape?

Please note:

  • The P SubOhm Tank still comes with spare glass for the top and bottom chambers. You can also purchase a P Sub Ohm Glass Replacement set if needed in the future which also comes with both chamber glasses.
  • When installing new Z Series Coils, match up the coil with the triangle notches on the tank to ensure the coil is installed properly.
  • Before installing new coils, make sure you first prime them by placing a few drops of e-liquid in the coil to saturate the cotton and avoid dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.

P Sub Ohm Tank features & specs

  • Size: 26 x 59.35mm
  • Top/middle airflow
  • Easy top filling
  • Vape juice capacity: 5mL
  • Drip tip: 810
  • Z0.2 - 0.2 ohm Mesh Z Series Coil (70-80W)
  • Z0.4 - 0.4 ohm Mesh Z Series Coil (50-60W)
  • Compatible with Geek Vape Z Series Coils

Package content

  • GeekVape P Subohm Tank
  • 2 x Geek Vape Z Series Coils
    • Z0.2 (70-80W) 0.2 ohm Mesh, pre-installed
    • Z0.4 (50-60W) 0.4 ohm Mesh
  • Spare glass tubes (long and short 5mL)
  • Spare parts pack
  • 810 drip tip

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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