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The quality mouth-to-lung (MTL) Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank is brought to you by the combined forces of two legendary electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) manufacturers, Aspire and Taifun, who also designed the Nautilus GT Tank. The GT Mini vapouriser tank is the same as its predecessor in quality but just a little smaller in vapour e-liquid capacity and diameter which just makes it more versatile when matching it with a vape mod.

If you prefer MTL vaping with a restricted vapour inhale that is held in the mouth before inhaling to the lungs, this vapouriser tank is perfect for you! Plus, you still get compatibility with the popular Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil range that are designed to last longer while providing pure and clean vapour flavour from any vapour e-juice. The Nautilus GT Mini Tank is also specially equipped with an airflow system that helps maximise the Nautilus Coil’s performance to make a perfect match!

Nautilus GT vs GT Mini

The only difference is the e-liquid capacity and diameter between the two Nautilus GT Tanks. The GT Mini can simply be matched with a wider range of vape mods since it has a smaller diameter which can be handy.

E-juice capacity

  • Nautilus GT Mini: 2.8mL
  • Nautilus GT: 3mL

Tank diameter

  • Nautilus GT Mini: 22mm
  • Nautilus GT: 24mm

Other than these differences, the Nautilus GT Mini vapes like a dream with the same quality and vapour you would expect from it's predecessor.

Great flavour without over heating

The Nautilus GT Mini Tank incorporates a thickened base hardware material with an oblate air channel which allows air to enter the tank directly, without unwanted air loss. This ensures richer and thicker vapour flavour which would also usually make the tank hot to the touch.

However, the thick stainless steel of the Nautilus GT Mini Tank will cool down quickly and stop the tank heating up.

A simple mini vapouriser tank

Using and maintaining this e-cigarette tank is very simple. All you need to know is you can:

  • change the Nautilus BVC Coils by unscrewing the base module of the tank
  • easily fill the tank with vapour e-liquid by unscrewing the top cap
  • clean the tank every month or so for optimal performance. See our ‘How do I clean my tank?’ frequently asked question for step by step instructions.

Please note:

Features & Specs

  • 2.8mL vapour e-liquid capacity
  • 54 x 22 mm
  • Taifun design
  • Thicker base means quicker heat dissipation
  • Clean and quick top fill
  • Replaceable glass tube
  • Refined airflow adjustment

Package content

  • Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank (2.8mL)
  • 2 x Nautilus BVC 1.6 ohm Coils
  • Nautilus 2S Mesh 0.7 ohm Coil
  • Extra glass tube
  • Spare o-rings
  • User manual

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Judith W
Love this tank

Easy to fill, easy to change coils and I like the look of it. A ml less capacity than the larger Nautilus 3 the 22mm base fits my mods without going to the edge. It MTL vapes well too which probably should have been mentioned first.

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