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Minican Replacement Pods by Aspire are designed for the Aspire Minican+ Pod Kit, Minican and Minican 2 Pod Kit vapourisers. Aspire Minican Pods hold 3mL of vapour e-liquid, can be filled up to 20 times before disposal and have a very convenient bottom-filling design with a plug-covered fill port.

More easy features of the Aspire Minican Pod Replacements include:

  • 3mL vape juice capacity, large enough to last you a while before top-ups with the low wattage the Minican+ Pod Kit uses
  • duck-billed mouthpiece that sits comfortably on your lips
  • 8 ohm pods for warmer vape, and a little more flavour and vape cloud production
  • 1.0 ohm pods for cooler vape, medium cloud production and good vapour flavour
  • disposable pods meaning you won’t be mucking around with any replaceable parts. Just throw the pod away and replace it when it no longer vapes well (low cloud production, burned vapour flavour, leaking)
  • up to 20 re-fills before disposal meaning the pods are longer-lasting
  • bottom fill via rubber plug-covered fill port
  • secure magnetic connection to Minican+ or Minican 2 body.

Easy peasy pod change

Changing the pods is a breeze! You simply pop out the old pod, fill the new Aspire Minican Pod with vape juice, wait about five minutes for the e-juice to saturate the new coil (called priming) then pop it back on top the Minican+ or Minican 2 Body. Easy.

Please note:

Minican Pods features & specs

Package content

  • 2 x Aspire Minican Pod Replacements

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Brian Shoebridge
Good as cheap spares

They burn out really fast, so I keep mine in reserve now.

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