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Melon Milkshake vape juice by Loaded E-liquid is a superbly blended e-juice with a perfect ratio of fresh melons, sweet milk and a hint of honey for a mouthwatering finish.

True to its name, Melon Milkshakes e-liquid tastes like... Well, a melon milkshake with some home so you'll be in for a real treat with this vape juice.

Melon Milkshake e-liquid will start your vaping off with a silky smooth throat hit, filled with rich, milky vapour flavour that will make it hard for you not fog-up your room. Then, a burst of fresh melons is mixed in like a breath of fresh air. To finish, Melon Milkshake leaves you with a milky aftertaste with a hint of honey to soften you up.

This oh-so-sweet milkshake that is Melon Milkshake e-juice by Loaded is spot on and produces consistent flavour as you vape.

Melon Milkshake e-liquid flavour specs

  • Melon | Honey | Milk
  • 70vg | 30pg
  • 120mL
  • Made in USA by Ruthless Vapors

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Adam Stevens

I wasn’t sure at first about this e-juice but damn. I’m glad I gave it a crack. Very nice.

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