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M Series Mesh Coils by GeekVape take cloud chasing to the max with their high-wattage, low resistance cores! M Series Coils come in single, dual, triple and quad mesh cores, each with different wattage requirements, so you can choose what works best for you. Regardless of which Geek Vape M Series Coil you choose however, you're still going to get warm, delicious vapour flavour while you're direct-lung (DL) vaping like a pro and producing huge vape clouds.

M Series Coils are compatible with the following Geek Vape tanks or kits:

Let us know which M Series Coil you tried and your thoughts on its performance by leaving us a review below.

It's all about DL vaping

Don't even try to mouth-to-lung vape (MTL, ciggie style draw where you hold vapour in mouth before inhaling to lungs) with these powerful M Series Coils. Their large size, high wattage and low resistance are designed for beastly, DL vape draws with lots of airflow. It's the only way to get the massive vape clouds M Series Coils produce!

Please note:

  • Make sure you prime new M Series Coils before use by placing a few drops in the centre to saturate the cotton and letting them sit for about five minutes in a full tank to avoid dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils or pods’ FAQ for more information.
  • Not recommended for beginner vapers.

M Series Coil specs

  • M0.14 Single Mesh - 0.14 ohm Mesh coil (60-80W)
  • M0.3 Dual Mesh - 0.3 ohm Mesh coil (55-65W)
  • M0.2 Triple Mesh - 0.2 ohm Mesh coil (70-85W)
  • M0.15 Quadra Mesh - 0.15 ohm Mesh coil (85-100W)
  • DL vaping coils

Package content

  • 5 x GeekVape M Series Mesh Coils

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Wow! Just wow!

I thought the Z coils were great….these are like the beastly god big brother of those! I’ve tried both the 0.2 triple mesh and the 0.14 single mesh and I love them both. The triple mesh gives insanely good flavour, like I’ve never been able to taste a juice this well before and I used a juice that’s been tested in many different tanks/coils. As for the cloud production one word… HUGE. I never thought I could get clouds this big without using an RDA or Something really complicated. These coils go fantastically well in the Z Max tank. If you’re a fan of the original Z coils. TRY THESE.

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