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Vaporesso Gen S Kit is a high-power vape device that's super easy to use! The Vaporesso Gen S Mod itself is pretty much compatible with almost all electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) tanks including advanced rebuildable tanks.

This is due to its ability to hold a tank that is up to 30mm in diameter and handle up to 220W. The Australian vaping community loved the regular Gen kit when it was released in 2019 so we know for sure that they will love this Gen S kit by Vaporesso.

The Gen S is incredibly versatile!

How is it different from the original Gen?

The Gen S Kit is the same in most ways to its predecessor and original Gen. Some reviews consider the Gen as one of Vaporesso's best mod and tank kits so why change its core capabilities when they are so awesome?! It still has the same:

  • incredible smooth yet textured, rubber-like body
  • AXON chip with all the Gen power modes, particularly:
    • Pulse Mode that ensures consistent temperature in every puff by firing every 0.02 seconds while you vape
    • Eco Mode that will significantly increase the efficiency of your batteries and make your vape last even longer before charging
  • dual batteries to last you over a day at least (not included)
  • 220W maximum output
  • versatility
  • ability to be a cloud monster with the right tank
  • simplicity so that even those who don't have alot of experience with mods can use it.

What's new?

The Gen S is different to the Gen in four ways:

  • new colours
  • NRG S 8mL Tank
  • very slightly (like 0.5 to 1mm) smaller in height and width
  • only compatible with GT Coils.

The NRG-S mammoth tank

This tank is a beast in performance and size! Forget about running out of e-liquid quickly because you've got 8mL worth in this tank! Well, that may depend on how you vape it and what coil you vape it with... Talking to you cloud chasers. ;)

The NRG S Tank features an easy slide-to-fill (from top) design and is compatible with the popular Vaporesso GT Coils. Plus, Vaporesso have insulated the layer between the e-liquid and top so that the heat remains in the juice and not the drip tip (mouth piece). Masterful!

Powerful GT Core system

Supercharge your clouds with the included GT4 Meshed and GT Meshed Coils, for a more warm, flavourful and dense cloud than ever! The optimised airflow means you can create even bigger clouds too, with a smoothness you won’t believe until you’ve tried it yourself.

Not for the faint hearted, the wide range of GT Coils offer different output from mild to strong and everything in between so you can find the cloud that suits you.

For direct-lung vapers

The NRG S Tank in this kit is generally best suited to direct-lung (DL) vapers who inhale their vapour straight to the lungs when they vape and those who have some vaping experience.

It is not recommended for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping where you first hold the vapour in your mouth briefly, then inhale to the lungs, similar to traditional smokes. MTL vapes are usually smaller puffs and need a tighter airflow which does not suit these tanks or their coils and may cause coils to burn and the tank to leak.

Check out our MTL Tanks which you can purchase with a Gen S Mod and still take advantage of the Gen S awesomeness.

Please note:

  • Two 18650 batteries are required to operate (not included in the kit) which we recommend charging externally with a battery charger. Speaking of batteries, check out our blog on battery safety for information on how to look after your batteries.
  • This product does not contain nicotine.

Features & Specs

  • 8mL capacity
  • Pulse Mode - fires up to 500 times per puff!
  • 145.5 x 53 x 30mm
  • GT Coil compatible
  • Axon Chip
  • Sub ohm vaping
  • Micro USB charging with up to 2.5A
  • Slide top fill
  • Protection for short circuit, low voltage, no load, over temperature, overtime and low power.

Package content

  • Vaporesso Gen S Mod
  • NRG-S Tank (8mL)
  • GT4 Meshed Coil 0.15 ohm
  • GT Meshed Coil 0.18 ohm
  • Replacement glass tube (5ml)
  • O-ring
  • USB cable
  • User guide
  • Warranty card

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gen S kit

Great! Absolutely love it! Didn't really like the 0.15 coil that comes in the box. The one already installed was better (0.18) but thats just personal preference.

Definitely would recommend to anyone

Mark Jobson
NRG-S tank

I think the skrr tank is much better

Great vape

Great vape, Although the batteries I needed to purchase are not the best make they are falling apart

Great Device!

Good flavour, satisfyiing throat hit, big clouds... and the 8 ml tank is awesome.

Pat C
Bloody ripper!

Let me preface this by saying I'm pretty new to vaping. I've mostly been a pod person but this kit has been a game-changer, and I'm now a convert to the magical world of mods.

With both the 0.18 and 0.15 ohm meshed coils included, I was getting thick clouds and really good flavour at 70 watts. Your mileage may vary but I've had nothing but smooth experiences, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend this as a great entry to the world of quality vaping!

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