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Drag S Pro Kit by VooPoo will make you wanna leave the one you’re with, to start a new vape-relationship with it. The Drag S Pro offers you a quick toggle switch to turn off/on or lock/unlock your device effortlessly, 80W of power, 3000mAh built-in battery for most-of-the-day vaping and child-proof, top-fill VooPoo TPP X Pod that's compatible with TPP Coils for great vapour flavour and clouds that make you say ‘mmmm’.

Yes, it’s the upgraded version of the original Drag S but you’ll be saying ‘Drag S who?’ when you’re done reading this.

Check out the VooPoo Drag S Pro and Drag X Pro (it’s bigger sibling) video review by Mike Vapes, our fave YouTube vape reviewer, to see both these kits in action.

Snaps to the TPP X Pod for killin’ it

The VooPoo TPP X Pod lets you vape the way you want, similar to standard vape tanks. You’ll get the unique top-fill that doesn’t require you to remove the pod from the mod to fill, interchangeable TPP Coils and adjustable airflow once inserted in the VooPoo Drag S Pro Mod. Check out the cool TPP X Pod features in detail below, including:

  • top fill that has child-proof features. To fill the tank you:
    • press the black button at the top of the tank
    • rotate the top cap to the left
    • lift the blag rubber plug and fill
    • work your way back by shutting the plug, rotating to the right until the button is back in place and you’re good to go!
  • easy coil change from the bottom of the pod (pull out old/plug in new)
  • magnetic attachment to the Drag S Pro Mod which keeps your pod in place
  • removeable 810 drip tip to give you access for cleaning
  • 5.5mL vape juice capacity which is the size of most vape tanks
  • great flavour and decent clouds from the awesome VooPoo TPP Coils that are made with VooPoo’s patented technology, improving heating speed and atomisation of e-liquid
  • versatile pods that can be used in any device that’s compatible with VooPoo PnP Pods and PnP Pods can be used instead of your TPP X Pod too! Just keep in mind that PnP Pods use PnP Coils only and TPP X Pods use only TPP Coils.

How do you vape the Drag S Pro?

Anyway you like! What we mean is you can both direct-lung (DL) vape or loosely mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape the Drag S Pro Kit.

  • Loose MTL vape, where you draw vapour, briefly hold it in your mouth, then inhale to the lungs (like the drag of a traditional ciggie) using the DM4 0.3 ohm TPP Coil included in the kit with restricted airflow. The Drag S Pro even has small, individual air holes to help really restrict the draw for MTL vaping. Although the 810 wider drip tip may make this a little difficult if you like a very tight MTL.
  • DL vape, where you draw vapour straight to your lungs, like taking a breath in through your drip tip, using the DM1 0.15 ohm TPP Coil included in the kit and wider airflow. The 810 drip tip will help get that deep DL vape!

Is the Drag S Pro Mod really a pro?

Yes, we consider the VooPoo Drag S Pro Mod a vaping pro, purely based on its ability to easily adjust your vape with the easy-to-navigate Gene Chip 3.0 menu and that brilliant, toggle switch that lets you turn the Drag S Pro on/off or lock/unlock with one easy switch! Yes, you need to read on to find out more about the Drag S Pro features which include:

  • that toggle switch which is so impressive because it’s so convenient and lets YOU choose how you want to use it. The switch, located under the wattage adjustment buttons, lets you:
    • turn the Drag S Pro Mod on and off or lock and unlock it
    • choose which setting you want, either as an on/off or lock/unlock switch, through the settings by holding up and down wattage buttons together
    • flick the switch with either setting and safely carry it in your bag or pocket without having to click the fire button five times (although you can do that too if you like)
  • auto draw that lets you just draw on the drip tip to vape without pressing the fire button. The sensitive Drag S Pro air sensor helps it fire rather quickly
  • button draw that lets you use it like a regular vape mod; press the fire button and vape
  • rubber grip pads at the bottom of the mod for support when placing on surfaces
  • leather panel for comfortable hold
  • lots of airflow with its 360º infinite airflow system controlled by rotating the ring just under the pod. Large airflow holes and small individual holes allow for open and restricted airflow vaping
  • 80W of power which is all you need for the TPP Coils
  • 3000mAh battery capacity which is plenty since the Gene Chip 3.0 promises better performance, stable flavour and more clouds, even with a built-in battery
  • Type C charging so you can charge up quickly
  • Smart Mode that sets wattage for you depending on the coil inserted and does not allow you to increase wattage past the highest recommended wattage for that coil
  • RBA Mode so you can set the wattage as you wish
  • Temperature Control Mode that’s available with Drag S Pro firmware you can download from VooPoo’s site
  • quick firing so you have vape clouds in 0.001 seconds!

All in all, the VooPoo Drag S Pro Kit performs well if you are looking for a mod pod kit with mid-to-high wattage coils and large vape juice capacity pods. Our favourite feature has to be that toggle switch which is soooooo convenience! You'll find the same toggle switch with 100W of power and interchangeable battery on the bigger, VooPoo Drag X Pro Kit if you're looking for a little more brawn in your vape.

Please note:

  • TPP X Pods are not compatible with PnP Coils.
  • Only 810 drip tips with o-rings will fit the TPP X Pod.
  • Prime new coils by placing a few drops of e-liquid in the coil to saturate the cotton before installing and avoid dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with built-in battery devices like the Drag S Pro. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.

Drag S Pro Kit features & specs

Pod specs

  • Vape juice capacity: 5.5mL
  • Material: PCTG (plastic, BPA free)
  • Coil resistance: 0.15 ohm Mesh 60-80W (TPP-DM1), 0.3 ohm Mesh 32-40W (TPP-DM4)
  • Coil compatibility: VooPoo TPP Coils

Mod specs

  • Material: zinc alloy and leather
  • Output power: 5-80W
  • Output voltage: 0.0-8.5V
  • Resistance: 0.1-3.0 ohm
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh, built-in


  • 125.5 x 28.8 x 34.5mm

Package content

  • VooPoo Drag S Pro Device
  • VooPoo TPP X Pod 5.5mL
  • 2 x VooPoo TPP Coils:
    • DM1 0.15 ohm Coil (60-80W)
    • DM4 0.3 ohm Coil (32-40W)
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • User manual

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
If it worked....

I have been a Voopoo user since I started vaping and have owned the Vinci 2, Doric 60 and now the Drag S Pro.

I have bought 2 of these and had 2 very different problems with both.

The first had a faulty lock switch. I noticed in the first day using (seeing which mode I wanted the lock switch in - you can use it to turn device on or off or just use to lock so it doesn't fire in your pocket etc) that it was dodgy. If I switched it to on/off mode it would endlessly turn the device on or off - no use! I keep it in the unlocked position and didn't touch the switch. One day after about 4 weeks I accidentally touched the switch when taking off charge... and that was it. Permanently locked forever so you can no longer manually fire the vape or change wattage - not very useful!

I decided to buy a replacement from V02 hoping that it was a rare faulty device.

Second model has some sort of issue recognising coils - first time I turned the device on and tried different coil and pod combinations it didn't acknowledge any coil was in at all.

The issue fixed itself and had no issues until day 3. I have followed all Voopoo instructions (clean sensor with an alcohol cleaning liquid etc) and nothing has changed.

O and 2 from the Drag S Pro for me! Unreliable - cheaply made in China by 3 year olds.

Considering a change to another vape brand after this.

Be warned

Oscar H
Great purchase

The tank is very good it seals with a button to move across the rubber part so nothing leaks, the magnet is strong so it doesn't fall out and the air flow filter is sturdy and stays where you set it. I have no complaints, would recommend for sure.

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