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Cherry Berry vape juice by DNA Vapor is a beautiful fruit blend of cherries and berries that both rhymes and tastes ridiculously good!

If you've ever tried a cherry and berry fruit mocktail and almost wept from how good it tasted, Cherry Berry e-liquid might send you over the edge with emotion. Sure, you don't get the ice that you'd get with a cherry and berry fruit mocktail drink but you sure get the lusciously-sweet cherry vapour flavour that's balanced by tart berries!

Let your taste buds dance to the sound of Cherry Berry e-juice by vaping it with your favourite electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). Yes, there's a sound when you vape Cherry Berry vape juice... A sound that only your tongue can hear.

Cherry Berry e-liquid flavour specs

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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great juice

my 2nd favourite juice

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