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Captain Fantastik vape juice by Off The Record has a memorable sweet and sour vapour flavour that tastes like sour rainbow candy lollies!

Having a sour vapour flavour note in an e-liquid can be tricky and is not easily executed without leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Not with Captain Fantastik e-liquid!

You'll get a mind-blowing, mic-dropping sour rainbow lolly vapour flavour when vaping Captain Fanstastik vape juice that can only be equated to feeling vaping bliss. Of course, the level of vaping bliss you feel depends on how much you like sour rainbow candy.

Captain Fantastik e-liquid flavour specs

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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So delicious!!

Loved this one so much!! Only thing I would prefer is if it was iced. Would have taken it up another notch! so I’ll be adding a few drops of high strength menthol juice. The bottle I received was due to go out of date when I got it but it still vaped fine. Just would prefer a newer bottle in the future so I don’t have to use up the whole bottle ASAP.

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