Battery Storage Case - 18650

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18650 Vape Battery Storage Case is a simple and inexpensive battery case protector for all of your 18650 vape batteries. A plastic case like this will keep your vape batteries safe during transit, storage or when not in use.

Battery storage cases are very handy if you are going on holidays or traveling to and from work.

We always recommend using a battery case for vape battery storage to ensure your safety by stopping batteries from accidentally coming in contact with anything metal.

For more information on battery safety when vaping, check out our battery safety blog post.

18650 Battery Storage Case features & specs

Package content

  • 1 x Plastic battery storage case for 18650 batteries

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

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Jason G
Battery Storage Case - 18650

These particular Battery cases are exactly what I wanted for my 18650 batteries. These are a well sized case fitting very well with my 18650 batteries without any excess loose fit or rattle. I prefer them for both home use & travelling with. I have purchased these exact cases in the past and they have stood the test of time for me. Definitely my go to 18650 battery case from others that I have tried. I bought these online from Vapouroxide (V0²) in Australia. I have purchased various products from them multiple times without any problems. Thanks to them for stocking these particular cases, they're hard to find elsewhere. Thanks also for stocking quality products at competitive prices too & all that you do! Cheers, Jason G.

Battery storage case 18650

Good quality and good price. All good for protecting spare batteries.

malcom black
18 650 plastic box

Really good fit well

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