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AVP Pro Coils by Aspire are replacement coils for the AVP Pod Kit that give you the option of either high-wattage direct-lung (DL) vaping and low-wattage mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping with two coil resistance options. Aspire AVP Pro Coils are compatible with the Aspire AVP Pro Pod Kit and its AVP Pro replacement pods.

Stealth vape or cloud chase with AVP Pro Coils

Which Aspire AVP Pro Coil you choose will govern how stealthy or huge your vape clouds are. The two AVP Pro Coil resistances and their features are:

  • 1.15 ohm coil:
    • low wattage
    • stealthy vape with low to medium vape cloud production
    • good throat hit
    • good vapour flavour
    • perfect for MTL vaping which is similar to the draw of traditional cigarettes, where you inhale vapour to your mouth, hold it briefly, then inhale to the lungs.
  • 0.65 ohm coil:
    • high wattage, sub ohm
    • dense vape clouds
    • intense, smooth vapour flavour
    • perfect for DL vaping where you inhale vapour directly to the lugs by taking a deep breath in through your vape kit.

Please note:

  • Before using new coils, make sure you first prime them by placing a few drops of e-liquid in the centre of the coil to saturate the cotton and avoid dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.

AVP Pro Coil features & specs

  • 0.65 ohm mesh
  • 1.15 ohm (10-16W)
  • Compatible with the Aspire AVP Pro Pod Kit
  • Come in a pack of five coils

Package content

  • 5 x Aspire AVP Pro Coils

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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