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Aegis Boost Pro B100 Pod Mod Kit by Geek Vape is the fourth rendition of pod mod (AIO) and according to some vape reviewers, it’s the best Aegis Boost Pro Pod Mod (so far…)! Being compatible with 21700/18650 batteries (not included), having 6mL vape juice capacity, adjustable airflow, 100W and a quick lock function that still allows you to vape is pretty darn impressive!

The Aegis Boost Pro 21700 Kit is also a quadra vaping system like the Aegis Boost Pro: compatible with the former Aegis Boost Pro & Plus Pods, RDTA and 510 Tank Adapter in addition to its uber flavoursome P Series Coils. Oh AND it’s IP67 rated to be WaterProof Tech, dust and Shockproof Tech. Us: *jaw drop*. Geek Vape: *mic drop*.

Aegis Boost Pro B100 is a Quadra Vaping System?

Yes siree bob! Like it’s older brother, the Aegis Boost Pro, you can ingeniously use the Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100 Pod Mod Kit in four ways:

  1. Use it as it comes in the box with the Aegis Boost Pro Pod that’s compatible with P Series Coils. It is the same pod and coils that the previous Aegis Boost Pro used.
  2. Use its predecessor’s pods; Aegis Boost Plus Pods (sold separately) which are compatible with B Series Coils.
  3. Attach the Aegis Boost Plus/Pro RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomiser, sold separately), not to be confused with the Aegis Boost RBA (rebuildable atomiser).
  4. Wack on an Aegis Boost Plus/Pro 510 Tank Adapter (sold separately) and use it as a mod with your favourite vape tank.

Whopping 6mL Aegis Boost Pro Pods

Seriously, with an Aegis Boost Pro Pod that holds 6mL of vape juice, what do you even need a mod and tank kit for? Well, some of us still prefer a standard vape tank but this Aegis Boost Pro Pod is seriously beefy! If you’re impressed with that, hold on to your seat because you’re going to fall over when you read about its:

  • P Series Coil compatibility which are seriously big mesh coils that produce absolutely superb vapour flavour and ginormous vape clouds! P Series Coils also promise a long life span
  • easy coil change from the bottom of the pod; simply remove the old coil using the coil tool in your kit or your fingers and plug in the new one!
  • even easier top fill of e-liquid under a rubber plug at the top of the pod so you don’t even have to remove the pod from the mod to fill it
  • adjustable airflow using the dial on the side of the pod that has THREE inlet holes for ample airflow to produce those big vape clouds
  • secure pod that requires pressing of a button on the side to remove it
  • extra drip tip in your kit
  • cross-compatibility with its predecessor, the Aegis Boost Pro Pod Mod Kit.

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-lung (DL) vaping?

With the low-resistance, high-wattage P Series Coils included in the Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100 Kit, definitely DL vape this bad boy! You can adjust the airflow to loosen or tighten the draw but DL vaping, where you inhale vapour straight to the lungs, like taking a big breath in through your drip tip, is the most suitable way to vape the Aegis Boost Pro 4 so you don’t get unnecessary leaking.

All hope is not lost if you’re an MTL vaper, which is similar to the draw of those old ciggies, holding the draw in your mouth briefly before inhaling to the lungs. Using the previous Aegis Boost Plus Pods and their 0.6 ohm or 1.2 ohm Geek Vape B Series Coils (all sold separately) will definitely give you a nice MTL vape at low wattage that you can fine tune with the adjustable airflow.

Use up to 100W on Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100

Similar to the original Aegis Boost Pro, you get 100W of power at your disposal which you’re going to need to power the high-wattage P Series Coils the Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100 Kit comes with. However, the Aegis Boost Pro B100 has compatibility with a 21700 battery (not included) which will last longer than the previous 18650 battery when you’re vaping at high-wattage. What’s more is the Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100 has:

  • modes to tailor your vape with such as Bypass, Temp Control and Power (Power being the standard wattage mode)
  • IP67 rated to be water, dust and shock resistant, handling submersion in up to one metre of water for up to 30min!
  • Type C charging via a charge port protected by a strong rubber cover
  • a secure battery door that screws in
  • 21700 and 18650 battery compatibility, and while the batteries aren’t included, an 18650 battery adapter is so you can use batteries you may already have at home
  • a leather grip panel to give it a nice look and soft, comfortable grip
  • a large screen to see all your settings which you can change the colour of by quickly pressing the up/down wattage buttons together
  • a quick lock by pressing and holding down the up/down wattage buttons together. It locks the wattage buttons so you don’t accidentally change your wattage but still allows you to vape!

The Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100 Pod Mod may have a mouthful of a name but it’s totally worth it if you like vaping powerful pod mods that produce incredible vapour flavour and large vape clouds! You’re also getting a huge, 6mL pod with adjustable airflow and top fill to make your vape life simple and adjustable. Not much more you could ask for from a pod mod…

Please note:

  • Before installing new coils, make sure you prime them first by placing a few drops of e-liquid in the coil to saturate the cotton and avoid dry hits or burning. See our ‘how to prime new coils’ FAQ for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, especially with external battery devices like the Aegis Boost Pro B100. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.
  • Not recommended for beginner vapers.

Aegis Boost Pro 4 B100 Pod Mod features & specs


  • Vapour e-liquid capacity: 6mL
  • Material: PCTG plastic (BPA free)
  • Coil resistance: Geek Vape P Series 0.2 ohm (60-70W) & P Series 0.4 ohm (50-60W)
  • Coil material: Mesh KA1
  • Coil compatibility: Geek Vape P Series Coils


  • Large, dense & smooth vape clouds
  • Compatible with:
    • Aegis Boost Plus Pod (B Series Coil) (sold separately)
    • Aegis Boost Plus/Pro RDTA Pod (sold separately)
    • Aegis Boost/Plus Pro 510 Adapter (sold separately)
  • A mouthful of flavour with stronger throat-hit
  • Material: zinc alloy, top grain leather, food grade silicone
  • Chipset: AS
  • Output power: 5-100W
  • Output voltage: 0.8 - 8.5 V
  • Battery compatibility: 21700 or 18650 high drain (not included)
  • 0.96 inch OLED Screen
  • IP67-rating military grade:
    • Water resistant – 30 mins in 1-meter-deep water
    • Dust resistant – IP6X Certification
    • Shock resistant – durable against accidental impact


  • With pod attached 121.9 x 49.17 x 33mm

Package content

  • Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro B100 21700 Mod
  • Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro B100 Pod (6mL)
  • 2 x Geek Vape P Series Mesh Coils
    • 0.2 ohm (pre-installed) (60-70W)
    • 0.4 ohm (50-60W)
  • Extra drip tip
  • Coil tool
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Spare parts pack
  • 18650 battery adapter

This product does NOT contain nicotine

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Purchase and Service

Purchased the GeekVape B100 kit. Very happy with purchase and service, speed of delivery from VaperOxide. A+

Kim R
Best vape I’ve ever owned

I’ve been vaping since the beginning of time and this is the most superior vape I’ve ever owned! So many features. And no leakage AT ALL. Easy to use. Geekvapes have never let me down and this is my favourite yet. Best part the tanks/pods are replaceable and plastic so no breakage. This vape is indestructible!

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