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Aspire Nautilus X Coils

Nautilus X coils are now rated at 0.6Ω (18-23) and 1.5Ω (14-20 watts) and 1.8Ω (12-16 watts). These new aspire coils use the U-tech technology, which allows the vapor to flow through the u-shaped chamber and pass the kanthal coils twice before being inhaled. Aspires all-new airflow performance allows for unrivaled flavour and e liquid taste with these Nautilus X U-tech Coils ensuring maximum taste and durability.

Note: It is essential to prime your coils before use to ensure the cotton in the coil does not burn. How To Prim A New Coil

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Additional information

5 pc Coil Options

0.6ohm (PockeX), 1.5ohm, 1.8ohm, 1.2ohm


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