General Questions

When Should You Upgrade?

Upgrading can be a very personal thing...

For some it can be as simple as their vape still works, "it aint broke yet". Others might enjoy treating themselves, be it to replace a used and worn setup or to find a smaller more discreet vape that suits them when out n about. Finally you can dive in deep and look into the hobbyist side. Vaping is a quickly growing technology and there can be A LOT that gauges your interest.

If you require any advice before purchasing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How to Prime A New Coil


It is essential to your tanks operation that you prime/saturate your coils with ejuice before using.

Step 1: Drop at least 6 -8 drops of juice in the centre of the coil (not to much as can flood).

Step 2: Use the cotton holes on the side of the coil to view when the cotton become saturated.

Step 3: Once coil is primed and is inside your tank, fill your tank with ejuice.

Step 4: Most people will say to let your tank sit for 3-5 minutes but we don't believe this is necessary. Simple set your device to the coils minimum heat setting (e.g. if the coil can handle 30-80W, set you device to 30w).

Step 5: Once your device is set to minimum settings hold the file button while gently blow down the mouth piece (that's right not drawing on the tank, but gently blow air down the tank). Once you can see that that tank is starting to produce adequate vape, priming is complete.

Why is my tank leaking?

Air Breach...

Tanks rely on a vacuum to keep your liquid from flooding the coil. A breach in a seal can allow the slightest bit of air to enter and lose the vacuum built up. Your tank/atomizer can be leaking due to the following situations.

1. Coil has reached the end of its usable life and simply needs replacing. 2. Atomizer has been screwed together incorrectly which can damage O-rings on atomizer. 3. Ratio of e-juice (PG/VG) levels. Most Sub-Ohm tanks prefer high VG levels (60%+) and will be more prone to leaking if the levels are lower and the device is not run at a power setting required for specific coils. 4. Coil may have been installed too loose, this can also occur due to heat expansion. 5. Coils can be not suitable for the end user. Be it too powerful or not powerful enough, an improper airflow through the coil can accumulate too much liquid build up.

What is a coil head?

A coil is the replaceable element that is inside your atomizer/tank that heats the e-juice to produce vaper. Coils are either replaceable or rebuildable.
When should I replace my coil?

Your Milage May Vary

A lot of factors come into play with regards to coil life and we suggest replacing when you feel the time is right. Juice, power output, poor manufacturing and abuse can have a negative influence on the lifespan.

Some flavour compounds can impact coil life, this doesn't mean any specific flavours but generally the sweeter the ejuice is the higher potential for build up.

Powering too high or too low can shorten coil life, everyone does use their devices individually so best to find a wattage that is suitable for YOUR inhale.

As most things these days are mass produced this can lead to inconsistencies with pre built coil heads. You may have done nothing wrong and still experienced less lifespan.

Punishing your coils is an easy way to prematurely burn out your coil. Always respect the power rating that is listed for the specific coil you're using however use that as a guide only.

It is a good time to replace your coil when you are not getting that crisp, amazing flavour your once had. Over time the liquid will build up on your heating element and the wicking material will be compromised.

Note: Don't forget to prime your coils prior to firing!


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