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What may work for a friend may not work for you. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping has a plethora of options readily available to suit your specific and unique style.

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Short answer is NO! Compared to the high taxed tobacco products in Australia, vaping is generally 10% of the cost of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Typically most vapers will have at least two setups at their disposal, you can never rely on just one form of electronics. Especially with the high usage demand we put on vaping products.

Priming your coil

Is essential to maintain a long lasting and satisfying experiencing. As coils come in many styles exposed or pod style this can vary. The aim is to fully saturate the wicking material and heating element prior to its first use.

Exposed Coils

With exposed coils such as Subohm tanks, applying generous layers on top of the cotton inside the coil is a guaranteed way to ensure that there is no dry wick that may burn upon first start up. Allow each layer to soak in and re apply until the feed ports are glistening, still seeing dry cotton? Keep applying liquid onto the top of the cotton until everything is nice and juicy!

Pod Systems

Typically these are “closed” and you cannot access the coils directly. We suggest dry drawing after you have filled the chamber with liquid. Blocking the incoming airflow with a finger and gentle but long draws will increase the vacuum pressure and draw the liquid into the wicking material to coat the coil. doing this 5-10 times then allowing to sit for a few minutes.


When using an adjustable device most if not all coil heads will provide an estimated usage range, this can also be found on the packaging itself.

These ratings are to be used as a guide only. Always start at the lower end of the range and increase power by 10% when you feel the need for higher power.

Differences in chipsets from one device model to another can vary the output delivered to the tank so start low.

Tanks rely on internal vacuum to keep your liquid from flooding the coil. A breach in a seal can allow the slightest bit of air to enter and lose the vacuum built up. Your tank/atomizer can be leaking due to the following situations.

  • Coil has reached the end of its usable life and simply needs replacing.
  • Atomizer has been screwed together incorrectly which can damage O-rings on atomizer.
  • Ratio of e-juice (PG/VG) levels. Most Sub-Ohm tanks prefer high VG levels (60%+) and will be more prone to leaking if the levels are lower and the device is not run at a power setting required for specific coils.
  • Coil may have been installed too loose, this can also occur due to heat expansion.
  • Coils can be not suitable for the end user. Be it too powerful or not powerful enough, an improper airflow through the coil can accumulate too much liquid build up.

A lot of factors come into play with regards to coil life and we suggest replacing when you feel the time is right. Juice, power output, poor manufacturing and abuse can have a negative influence on the lifespan.

  • Some flavour compounds can impact coil life, this doesn’t mean any specific flavours but generally the sweeter the ejuice is the higher potential for build up.
  • Powering too high or too low can shorten coil life, everyone does use their devices individually so best to find a wattage that is suitable for YOUR inhale.
  • As most things these days are mass produced this can lead to inconsistencies with pre built coil heads. You may have done nothing wrong and still experienced less lifespan.
  • Punishing your coils is an easy way to prematurely burn out your coil. Always respect the power rating that is listed for the specific coil you’re using however use that as a guide only.
  • It is a good time to replace your coil when you are not getting that crisp, amazing flavour your once had. Over time the liquid will build up on your heating element and the wicking material will be compromised.

Note: Please don’t forget to prime your coils prior to firing!

Under current Australian law it is illegal to distribute liquid nicotine. We do not sell products containing nicotine.

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