Buckshot Vapors

A little bit about Buckshot Vapors… After seeing the positive results of e-cigs replacing smoking, Co-Founders Greg and Alena decided to make their own e-juice. Superior e-juice that customers can vape all day was the goal, thus making their label come to fruition. Greg and Alena subsequently enjoyed making the tasty e-juice.

Buckshot Vapors was so well received in the industry that they decided to create another line of e-juice. They wanted something that would be a new breed of e-juice; this is when Time Bomb Vapors was released. Time Bomb Vapors has received the same positive reception as Buckshot Vapors and as a result both lines are booming!

Time Bomb

Clutch Vapors


All featuring stand out flavours in each line. We have specially made value packs of each to give you all the action at a fraction of the cost!

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