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Ultimate Juice Sampler // 10 Categories, 10 Bottles

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Sit back and enjoy the VO2 Experience

Seeing how many liquids we have on offer can be quite daunting and trying new juices a little intimidating. Here we have created a juice sampler, selected from what we think are the best of the best in each respective category! You will receive a variety of flavours, one from each flavour category. Perfected for finding what juices suit your pallete.

I LOVE TAFFY TOO – MAD HATTER // 60ml 70vg/30pg

I Love Taffy TOO is the second rendition of this well loved flavour. Taffy TOO brings the perfect balance of flavors together without overpowering your taste buds, let your imagination run wild with this new all day vape by mad hatter juice. Delicious gourmet taffy balanced with sweet peach with a hint of creamy happiness.

FRUITNOLA – YAMIVAPOR // 120ml 70vg/0pg

Delicious combination of apricot bits, sweet apple bits and golden honey granola

LEPRECHAUN MILK – TUG LYFE // 120ml 80vg/20pg

Your all time favorite cereal as a young buck and an adult! Those Lucky Charms have met their match when they were blended to perfection with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

SOUR SWEET – Naked 100 // 60ml 70vg/30pg

Irresistibly refreshing lime infused soft candy covered in the perfect blend of sweet sugar and sour sugar.

Sticky Buns Ice Cream – Laser Wolf // 60ml 70vg/30pg

On the inhale, you’ll taste hot sticky buns and  the exhale covers those sticky buns with vanilla ice cream.

Witch Doctor – Hometown Hero // 50ml 70vg/30pg

Take the best tobacco essence and add in a hint of light milk chocolate helps create the perfect blend of chocolate and tobacco.

LATTE – GRIMM CREATIONS // 60ml 70vg/30pg

Latte presents artisanally grown and brewed Arabica beans that feature firm, well balanced notes of rich coffee expertly blended with freshly steamed milk for a smooth coffee all day vape.


Vape Breakfast Classics marks the return of the original and famous mix of fluffy pancakes and fresh strawberries, but this time topped off with exquisite Fruity Pebbles, confections of fluffy Marshmallows, and a rich scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

 LAVA FLOW – NAKED 100 // 60ml 70vg/30pg

Transport your taste buds with Lava Flow, a flavour profile that fuses sweet and rich Strawberries with two Island staples, a refreshing Coconut and the sugary tang of Pineapple. Layered to perfection, as a result a bright, fresh, sweet, and tangy concoction that never fails to satisfy.

Polar Breeze – NAKED 100 MENTHOL // 60ml 70vg/30pg

Pairs cantaloupe with honeydew and the chills it with a lovely dose of menthol.

**** Note: If any of the variations are out of stock at the time of order, suggested replacements will be emailed to customer ****

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Ultimate Juice Pack

Leprechaun Milk, I love Taffy Too, Latte, Pancake Man Deluxe, Lava Flow, Polar Breeze, Sour Sweet, Sticky Buns Ice Cream, Witch Doctor, Fruitnola