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Starter – Beginner

Starter Kit

The words “Starter Kit” has been slapped over soo many products it has lost all meaning! Vapouroxide has an idea on what these words should really mean… EASY-TO-USE

There has been “Starter Kits” with over complicating instructions, dangerous to handle objects and most importantly materials with the potential of causing harm to the innocent first time vapour.

Here you will find set ups that focus on beginner friendly aspects, easiest to use, setup and maintain. Essentially leaving human error at a very low margin with little to keep an eye on. And no, you wont see a confusing multi functional OLED display :).  These recommended devices are certainly cheap however keeping these three points throughout the life of the device to better your experience in the great world of vaping.


Take a moment to yourself and imagine what your preferred inhale method is like. Slow draw into the mouth then breathing into the lungs, or a deep and powerful inhale directly drawn into the lungs… Beleive it or not this can have a huge impact to the experience of vaping.

MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Inhale

Aspire PockeX StarterFor the mouth to lung inhale effect, similar to that of a traditional cigarette, we present the PockeX by Aspire. Aspire have been a proven manufacturer in the past and haven’t changed. This light, small, portable, leak-free pen style device fits the bill perfectly. Requiring only one button, top refilling and easy to change coils, it is one simple and satisfying device. Giving you good flavour and battery life with excellent perfomance. Featuring a easy to access micro-usb port for charging and replaceable glass sleeves it is a solid perfomer for those looking to venture into vaping or a simple portable secondary device for some.

DL (Direct Lung) Inhale

veco one mainFor the direct lung draw there has been a new winner. Vaporesso have developed two new pen style vapes, the Veco One and Veco One Plus. Offering a semi restrictive lung draw this is the perfect starter for a full on satisfying hit. Consisting of the Veco tank and a cylindrical device, 2ml/1500mah and 4ml/3000mah variants. The Veco has taken tanks one step forward by adding a revolutionary top airflow/top filling system to destroy leakage and dry hit related issues leaving you with pure vaping pleasure. A ceramic coil option that not only improves flavour but offers great durability and coil life. The device itself is operated by a single button and easy to access micro USB port for charging.

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Aspire Pockex, Vaporesso Veco One